unexpected love <3

Emily, Monse, Cynthia, and Daffney set of to London for a vacation that would would change everything


5. falling in love

Daffney woke up wondering how zayn is feeling, as she got up she noticed zayn was pretending to be asleep Daffney laughed and walked over to zayn. zayn had a really big smile on his face, your so silly Daffney tells zayn before zayn starts to tickle her. Daffney could not stop laughing next thing u know Daffney was laying down right next to zayn while trying to catch her breath. Daffney finally felt safe with zayn as they both fell asleep in each others arms by the time both zayn and Daffney had woken up the whole gang was there , you leave u two alone for a little and this is want happen Louis joked as Daffney got up zayn got up still hugging her ,no Daffney laughed we just got tired or hating each other so we decided to be friend right zayn Daffney looked and zayn while he nodded, Daffney smiled at the felling of zayn holding her waist, sure your just friends Cynthia called out as Emily and monse high fived Cynthia. as they laugh Daffney just laughs with then so how the date go zayn asked while smiling, everyone smiled and looked at each other then emilys said I was wonderful u guys missed out big time. visitor time was over so Daffney said she will go take a shower and be right back so se went to Louis house because that were her stuff was at, so before she jumped in the shower Louis asked how was it with zayn and Daffney answered that it was nice he said sorry for what he did. Louis just kept looking at Daffney lips then asked can I try something ? sure Daffney nodded and she felt Louis soft warm lips touch her she let him for a little then she pulled away looking at Louis while Louis says sorry ,Daffney gets up and say its ok if was just a friendly kiss Daffney smiled before giving him one more little kiss and walking away. Louis just sat there for a little enjoying the moment then Daffney got out the shower and tells Louis that she going to see zayn, Louis nodded while still smiling from ear to ear. when Daffney got to zayns room he was seeing a movie a big smile when he saw Daffney walk into the room, zayn hugged Daffney while asking  a question yes zayn Daffney looked up at zayn. he took a long breath and asked would u like to go on a date with me tonight when I get out of the hospital Daffney smiled and nodded, before she left zayn called out I will pick up up from Louis house at 9:00 Daffney nodded and left

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