Team Superior

Heaven. Hell. Earth. Three different places. Three different stages. I'm part of Team Superior. We're the 'guardian angels' you pathetic humans are always blabbing about. Of course, if we were purebred angels, we wouldn't spend our days on your filthy planet. I'd rather be in hell.

Sorry about that. My demon side can get a little carried away. Allow me to explain. Team Superior is a group of half demon, half angel hybrids who are 'damned' to live on earth. We take on supernatural jobs for money. I guess you could say we're the best of the best. We're branded with the letter S on our dominant hands as soon as we turn two. There are 3 simple rules to being part of Team Superior. 1, you can't ever reveal your identity. 2, you may only enter heaven or hell for minutes at a time. 3, you can NEVER fall in love. Simple, right?



To explain what Vincent told me in a nutshell, Pansy wasn't telling us the whole truth. Apparently, Pansy had been cheating on her husband with Amon and now they have a child together. Sierra spent her first year of life in Heaven, then, when they figured out that she was part demon, she spent her second year in hell. She just turned two yesterday and got her mark and is now to be officially trained as a Superior. She's had her name changed from Sierra Evans to Sierra Superior. Also, I was appointed to train her to become a Superior. That's not even the weird part. The weird part is that she's my half sister. Apparently, this is Amon's second half-demon child. While Vincent and I have the same mother, Sierra and I have the same father. Guess I should have mentioned that Amon was my father earlier. Sierra's teeth are sharpened to fangs, as are mine and Amon's. She's also left-handed, just like me. Sierra already looked peculiar from the beginning, and this just proved my theory. Unlike the rest of the angels, who have a bleached blonde hair color, her hair is a golden color with natural silver and blonde highlights. When I say golden, I mean GOLDEN. Like the sun type of golden. Also, instead of her eyes being light blue like an angel's, her eyes are yellow like a cat's.

As for what happens to Pansy, she's getting removed from office as our overseer immediately and has to go to counselling with her husband, although I bet they'll end up getting divorced. Amon, on the other hand, is getting promoted for being the father of not one, but TWO members of Team Superior, and is no longer going to be an overseer either. So we're getting two new overseers and I have someone to train to become a killer.

All the Djinn know from all of this is that we have a new teammate, and they can't know any more. Sierra's alias, which she chose herself, was Naomi. Even though she's only two, members of Team Superior mature fast, and she's already in the mind set of a ten year old.
"It'll be really difficult to train you while on a mission, but I think I can make it work. First of all, you have to remember to call us by our aliases. I assume you already know everyone's?" I asked. She nodded.

"I know everyone's but yours. Redd is Felix, Vincent is Reginald, Blake is Marco, Wes is Harold, Blu is Arabella, and Ravenna is Penelope," She recited.

"Good. I'm Hunter, and my alias is Carmen," I said quickly. I could hear the Djinn talking right outside the front door.

"We'll train at night when the Djinn are asleep, okay?" I said just as the Djinn opened the front door.

"Ok," She said sweetly.

"We've got pizza!," Redd shouted, carrying 10 pizzas into the kitchen with us all following.

"Ok, I'm pretty sure I got everyone's orders right. Pepperoni for Penelope, Harold, and Marco," He said, handing Ravenna, Wes, and Blake each a pizza. They all nodded their approval.

"Pineapple for Reginald and Arabella," Vincent and Blu took their pizzas and faded out of the kitchen.
"Sausage for me and... Alondra," He said slowly, his eyes on Alondra. She's head over heels for him and it hasn't even been two weeks.

"Meat Lovers for Carmen and Jason," Redd, said, sliding my pizza across the table.

"Thanks. I'm going upstairs," I said, taking my pizza and going upstairs to the room I shared with Blu, Ravenna, and probably Sierra now. I sat on my bed and ate quietly, wishing for this mission to be over. I heard a faint knock on the door and groaned inwardly at the fact that I hadn't even been alone 10 minutes since we got here (besides showering, of course.)

"Come in," I said tiredly, finishing the last slice of my pizza.

"Um, hey, how's it going, Carmen?" Jason asked, running his hand through his slightly messy dark brown hair.

"What is it? Finally questioning Alondra's loyalty to you?" I said sarcastically, watching him closely as he cautiously sat on the bed across from mine. He smiled faintly. He looked exhausted, as if he hadn't slept in days.

"You look sleepy," was all I said.

"I haven't been able to sleep lately. I saw three people die in a week. Because of me," He said quietly, wringing his hands. I could tell he was trying not to cry.

"If they hadn't died, they'd kill or kidnap you, and it's our job not to let that happen. That's why we're here," I said, feeling awkward in this conversation.

"JASON! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE!?" I cringed as I heard Alondra whine from the doorway.

"Having a conversation with Carmen. She's very interesting," He replied simply, his voice eerily calm. Any traces of his emotion from our conversation were gone.

"I am a pretty interesting person to talk to. You can't argue with that logic," I said with a wide smirk.

"WELL I NEED YOUR HELP IN HERE!" She whined, louder than before. I swear that my eardrums are going to burst before I leave here.

"With?" Jason asked.

"JUST COME AND HELP ME ALREADY!" She screamed to a point where I actually needed cover my ears. Sensitive hearing doesn't go well with a nagging teenage girl.

"SHUT UP!" I hissed.

"YOU'RE JUST GOING TO LET HER TALK TO ME LIKE THAT, JASON! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WOU-" She was cut off by my foot coming in contact with her chest as I kicked as hard as I could without sending her through a wall. She coughed up blood and retched as she slid down the wall. I grinned as I watched her continue to cough and sputter.

"Did you forget what I told you outside? I'm not afraid to hurt you, if that's what you think. You mean nothing. Did you forget who I am? What I am? I'm a Superior. I kill important people for a living, so imagine how hard it would be for me to kill an annoying nobody like you," I snarled, hot anger pulsing through my veins, although I kept my voice light and steady.

"WHOA! I can't believe you did that!" Jason shouted, rushing to Alondra's side.

"Keep your girlfriend in check, or she won't live to see next week," I said with a slight laugh. He looked at me as if I was demented. Good, he finally got the big picture.

"CARMEN! GET JASON AND ALONDRA IN THE NEAREST ROOM AND LOCK THE DOOR NOW!" I heard Blu scream shrilly from downstairs, her accent slipping slightly. Jason looked up at me, a panicked look in his eyes.

"She's unconscious," He said quietly.

"DON'T JUST SIT THERE YOU IDIOT! GET INSIDE THE ROOM!" I shout-whispered at him, grabbing Alondra and dragging her by the arm. Dang, she's heavy. I dropped her inside the room and pushed Jason inside, shutting the door behind him.

"Lock the door," I whispered calmly, standing there until I heard the soft click of the lock. I already sensed heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. I pulled a knife out of my boot and stood, poised to attack whatever came up those stairs. A bloody beast came thundering up the stairs with a rope tied around its neck, Ravenna on its back. She pulled on the rope as hard as she possible could  and it howled with rage, flinging her off. She hit the wall with a loud thump and I heard a bone in her wing crack.

"Ravenna!" I shouted, rushing to her side. She groaned in agony, her broken wing lying limply beside her, turned at a strange angle. No one hurts my teammate and leaves alive.

I turned to see the huge creature barrelling down the hallway, presumably looking for Jason.

"Go. To. Hell!" I screamed at the creature, running after the beast. The creature continued down the hall, surpassing the room Jason and Alondra were in. Excellent. I slipped under the creature, slicing its foot clean off, my face getting splattered with blood. I jumped back up and turned around to face the huge animal. I watched, horrified, as it grew back.

"It's an experiment, Hunter! A GRUESOME!" Redd shouted, dropping from above. I never even noticed him get up here. The gruesome looked up in Redd tried to draw its attention away from me. I heard Alondra screaming from inside my room and Jason shouting curses at her to be quiet. The gruesome's whole body convulsed with realization, turning back toward my room. Redd jumped over the gruesome and landed beside me.

"It knows where they are," He said quietly, his face panicked. I grabbed a long hunting knife from under the hall table (always have to be prepared for anything) and charged after the gruesome. It had made it to the door as I thrust by knife into it's back. It staggered before falling, breaking down the door with it's huge size. I stood above it, continuously pulling out the knife and stabbing the gruesome again and again.

"It's dead, Carmen. I'll go help Penelope," Redd said soothingly, carefully removing the hunting knife from my hands.

"Where are the others?! Where's Naomi?" I asked, my voice containing the rare sense of worry I hardly ever got.

"They're downstairs. There were three gruesomes in all. Don't worry, everyone is unharmed. Well, except for Penelope," He said, concerned for his partner.

"Go tend to your partner. I'll clean up and check on her later," I said, trying to stop the adrenaline from flowing. I breathed deeply as I picked up the hunting knife, looking up at Alondra and Jason, who were huddling in the corner together, looking as if I were a foreign specimen.

"You," I said, looking at Alondra, a rueful smile growing on my face, "I'm about to kill you. I'm really about to kill you." I looked at the hunting knife in my hand, and started to laugh, a high-pitched, hysterical laugh.

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