Team Superior

Heaven. Hell. Earth. Three different places. Three different stages. I'm part of Team Superior. We're the 'guardian angels' you pathetic humans are always blabbing about. Of course, if we were purebred angels, we wouldn't spend our days on your filthy planet. I'd rather be in hell.

Sorry about that. My demon side can get a little carried away. Allow me to explain. Team Superior is a group of half demon, half angel hybrids who are 'damned' to live on earth. We take on supernatural jobs for money. I guess you could say we're the best of the best. We're branded with the letter S on our dominant hands as soon as we turn two. There are 3 simple rules to being part of Team Superior. 1, you can't ever reveal your identity. 2, you may only enter heaven or hell for minutes at a time. 3, you can NEVER fall in love. Simple, right?



"There's someone at the door for you, Jacob," I heard Redd call from the front door. Finally something interesting in the week that we've been here. My left ear twitched as I heard the mystery guest approach the living room. I picked up the scent easily enough. It was Ignealious. I looked at Vincent and he nodded. I swiftly stood from my seat on the couch and watched as Redd entered with the faerie boy. When Ignealious saw Vincent and I, his eyes grew wide. He looked horrid, as if he had been drained of half his blood. His face was also stained with tears. Stupid blubbering wus.

"YOU! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! SHE'S DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU!" He screamed, mostly directing it at me.

"No she's not. She getting soaked in garlic oil as she rots in hell because of you," I said calmly.

"THANKS TO YOU! NOW I HAVE TO BE A VAMPIRE SERVANT FOR 10 YEARS!" He said, looking as if he were about to break down.

"That's enough to break the ice, Ignealious," A male voice said from the hall.

"Hector. Never expected them to send you for the boy," I said to the legendary vampire. He was the only person who ever escaped from the hands of the old Team Superior 5,000 years ago.

"Ah, the new Team Superior. I'll just take the boy and be on my way," Hector said, making his way over to Jacob. When he reached out to take Jacob, a hunting knife went whizzing through the air and struck Hector in the arm. He looked at the knife and let out a hearty laugh, before his amusement was replaced by agonizing pain.

"You didn't think we were stupid, did you?" Vincent asked, his playful smile back on his face. We watched as Hector pulled the knife out of his arm with some trouble.

"That knife was covered in garlic oil and holy water. Very useful," Vincent continued as we all saw Blake walk silently up behind Hector and slip off his gold protection necklace while Hector was busy glaring at Vincent. I pulled a match out from my backpack before looking carefully at Ignealious.

"The Queen told us that if we ever saw you again, to kill you in the name of the court," I said as I pulled out another. It was then that Hector realized his necklace was gone.

"Where did it-"
"Looking for this," Blake said teasingly, dangling the chain between his fingers.

"You little rat!" Hector yelled, his panic peaking through his bravado façade.

"We aren't the old Team Superior. I must say, I thought this would be more challenging. Anyway, see ya in hell," I said, using my demon magick to light the matches before flicking them towards the two. They both caught flame easily, Hector giving up and dying submissively, while Ignealious tried to put himself out, but failed. They were both reduced to smouldering ashes within minutes.

"Well, that was nice. How's about going out for some pizza," Blu said happily in her British accent, clapping her hands together,

"Pizza sounds totally rad, man!" Wes said, a look on his face that said 'I'm high, let's party,'

"Pizza it is, Let's go!" Ravenna said loudly.

"Um, I hate pizza," Alondra complained.

"Too bad, I really like pizza," Redd said suavely, putting Alondra up to one of his little tests.

"I was totally joking, Felix! I love pizza!" Alondra said quickly, as we all knew she would. I could tell she really didn't from the look of pure surprise on Jason's face, his blue eyes widening slightly.

"I'm not going to sit here arguing about whether some Djinn that we're babysitting likes pizza or not, so bye," Blake said, about to leave the room.

"Not so fast, boy. Amon wishes to speak with the Team. Of course, since Djinn are one of the few species NOT allowed to visit hell and actually return, he'll be talking to you through hologram," Marie, a demon messenger reported, appearing in front of Blake. Jason and Alondra both jumped visibly at he sudden guest's arrival. Marie took a pinch of dragon scale dust out of her pocket and threw it down in the middle of the living room. A great burst of flame arose, and then was replaced by a hologram of a dark haired, dark eyed man only described as Amon.

"Hello, Team Superior. I am very pleased," Amon said with a smile so sinister that Alondra cringed.

"Hello Amon. Felix, Reginald, Arabella, Penelope, Harold, Marco, and I would like you to meet Jason Michaels, the Djinn prince," I said, pointing to each one of us in turn so that he could become familiar with our aliases. I heard Alondra gasp behind me.

"PRINCE?! YOU'RE A PRINCE?!" She shouted at Jason, who just stood awkwardly by the window.

"Shut up!" Vincent growled, agitated with the Djinn girl. We had all just about had it with her, and she wasn't making things any better.

"If you interrupt Carmen in a conversation you have no business in again, I swear-"

"It's fine, Reginald. I actually must talk to the Team alone now. One of you must go with the Djinn outside. Carmen, if you will. The rest of your team will relay the message," Amon said.

"Yes, Amon," I said, trying to hide my agitation. Why do I always get stuck babysitting? The Djinn followed me out the front door and as soon as the door shut, Alondra's mouth opened.
"HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME YOU'RE A PRINCE! I'M YOUR GIRLFRIEND! THOSE STUPID MUTANT FREAKS GOT TO KNOW BEFORE I DI-" I cut her off with a slap clean across her face. She held her cheek and looked at me with astonishment as tears filled her eyes.

"Disrespectful wench," I muttered, preparing myself for her to retaliate. Instead, she began to whine louder.

"YOU AREN'T GOING TO DO ANYTHING! YOU'RE JUST GOING TO LET HER HIT ME!" She shouted at Jason. Her nasally voice was pushing me over the edge. It only took 10 more seconds of her screaming for me to slap her again, this time grabbing her collar afterwards.

"Listen, you filthy piece of trash, I'm not the one to make angry. I swear I'll kill you in a heartbeat if you even think about screaming again. Do I make myself clear?" I hissed. Alondra nodded her head vigorously.

"Good. We're finally making progress," I said as Vincent walked out of the house, saw us, and smiled.

"She finally pushed you over the edge, huh?" He asked as I released Alondra. She looked completely terrified. Perfect.

"Amon's done. And dang, have I got a surprise for you. You're a teacher! That's all I can say in front of the Djinn," Vincent said. I looked at him in confusion before following the Djinn back inside.

"Hi,"  I heard a tiny voice say. I looked down and saw Sierra, Pansy's daughter.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Vincent will explain everything. We'll take the Djinn for pizza," Blu said, exiting the front door with everyone else except Sierra and Vincent.

"We'll bring you guys something back. Hey, what kind of pizza do you like?" Blake asked, his question directed toward Sierra. She gave him a confused look. Guess she's never been to Earth

"Wow," was all Blake said before he left.

"Explain. Now," I said as soon as the room cleared.

"Again, you're going to be a teacher. Sierra, show Hunter your left hand," Vincent said to the little girl. She raised her left hand and I saw the unthinkable. In the middle of Sierra's left hand, still fresh and bright red, lie an S overlapping the number 8.

"She' of us," I said, surprise clear in my voice.

"Yep, and you're her teacher," Vincent said for the third time.

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