Team Superior

Heaven. Hell. Earth. Three different places. Three different stages. I'm part of Team Superior. We're the 'guardian angels' you pathetic humans are always blabbing about. Of course, if we were purebred angels, we wouldn't spend our days on your filthy planet. I'd rather be in hell.

Sorry about that. My demon side can get a little carried away. Allow me to explain. Team Superior is a group of half demon, half angel hybrids who are 'damned' to live on earth. We take on supernatural jobs for money. I guess you could say we're the best of the best. We're branded with the letter S on our dominant hands as soon as we turn two. There are 3 simple rules to being part of Team Superior. 1, you can't ever reveal your identity. 2, you may only enter heaven or hell for minutes at a time. 3, you can NEVER fall in love. Simple, right?




"SHUT UP!" I screamed at Vincent, my partner and half brother.

'That's not nice,' My angel half, who I call Carmen, said quietly inside my head.

'Apparently this isn't a nice job or he would've called you, right?' I sneered back, climbing out of bed. My wings ached from being folded up all night. We spent the night at another one of those stupid human hotels, so we couldn't take any chances.

"Morning, my beautiful sister," Vince said sarcastically once I had opened the door.

"What do the fay want?" I grumbled, taking my clothes bag and going into the restroom.

"They need someone disposed of and they don't like getting their hands dirty," Vincent snickered through the door.

'That is atrocious. Pick something else,' Carmen nagged as I pulled out my leather jacket, ripped red jeans, red shirt, and black boots. She jerked my hand away and pulled out a long white dress and a pair of sandals.

'As if. We've gotta get rid of someone, not get married,' I growled, going back to my original choice and slipping into my clothes.

"I see you won," Vincent smirked, his hands stuffed in his hoodie pockets.

"Let's get on with it then. This'll be the last mission before we re-join the rest of the team in Seattle," I said as cheerfully as I could.



"Hey, what's up Queen of the Fay!" Vincent shouted loudly, his voice echoing in the huge chamber.

"That's Queen Emilia to you. Are the these the only two from Team Superior that you could find?" Emilia asked her lead bodyguard, Hudson.

"They were the only ones in the U.K. at the time, ma'am," Hudson replied, standing stiffly by his Queen's thrown.

"Come on, you can't expect us not to get the job done!" I shouted happily.

"Just take your information and report to the Queen when the job is done," Hudson said stiffly, ushering us out of the room and handing me a yellow envelope.

"I'll bring you the head on a wooden stake as proof," I said with an evil grin as I pulled out the picture and information.

Name: Sylvestia Yvestine

Species: Vampire

Location: Queen Elizabeth Children's Hospital (abandoned)

Age: 23

Reason for being disposed of: Does it even matter?

"Emilia knows us so well," Vincent sighed.

"Up, up and away," I said as I unfurled my wings, one demon, one angel. Vincent and I took a running head start before jumping as high as 10 feet and beating our wings hard.

"From Bristol to London. Race ya!" Vincent said with a wicked grin, gaining a sudden burst of speed.

"Cheater," I yelled as I raced after him.

"I'm a demon, baby. That's just what I do," He yelled back.


When I got to the hospital, I set the envelope on fire before turning to see Vincent landing almost gracefully. As gracefully as he could, anyway.

"You wanna handle this one?" Vincent asked, already looking bored.

"Sure. Just cover me," I said as I studied the hospital. All of the entrances and widows are boarded up, so they must get in another way. A cellar maybe....

A glint of something shiny caught my eye, and I looked up to see a small silver bullet shell and a smear of blood on the edge of the roof. Bingo.

"Looks like little Sylvestia forgot to clean up after her last wolf hunt," Vincent said, also noticing the bullet shell.

"Hope Lucifer is ready for another little vamp in his hellhole" I laughed, a little bolt of excitement shooting through me. I love the hunt. I took a running leap at the hospital. I caught onto the roof with one hand and pulled myself up easily. I followed the trail of blood to an almost invisible trapped door. This was too easy.

"There's two bodies inside. They're moving," Vincent informed me, his ear twitching as he walked up beside me. Filthy bloodsuckers. Guess they don't know when to go to sleep. I pried open the trapped door open with both hands and dropped down inside. I heard Vincent land lightly behind me as I pulled a long wooden stake out of my backpack.

"Oh Sylvestia, Lucifer needs to have a word with you," Vincent said into the darkness. Once my eyes adjusted, I saw Sylvestia and a male faerie, standing poised to attack. Only in underwear, I might add.

"Queen Emilia sent you here, didn't she?" The faerie asked, standing protectively in front of Sylvestia.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, what a shame. Faerie boy can't keep it in his pants," I snorted, twirling the stake in between my fingers. Meanwhile, Vincent had pulled out some dragon scale dust, probably to summon Emilia.

"Answer the question," The faerie said, somewhat angrily, while also trying to cover himself.

"You're not that intimidating since you have bright pink hair, purple eyes, and sparkly wings. Do I even have to add the Dora boxers?" I said as if talking to a baby.

"Why have you summoned me, Superiors?" Looks like Emilia wasn't too happy. Her flickering hologram displayed a very angry looking lady.

"To see what you want us to do with this," I said, walking calmly over to the male faerie and grabbing him by the hair. Sylvestia looked like she was about to interfere when I gave her a devilish smile, making my eyes turn coal black. She jumped a little, but didn't move from her spot.

"Bring Ignealious back alive. I need to give him a suitable punishment for breaking our laws," Emilia said, looking down on the pitiful faerie.

"How did you figure it out, Queen Emilia?" Ignealious asked, scorn in his eyes. This just turned into one of those disgusting romance movies.
"The queen knows all," Emilia said simply, disappearing from sight.

"Now, let's get on with it. Hunter, if you will," Vincent said impatiently, grabbing the faerie boy by the arm and yanking him away from me.

"My favourite part," I said evilly.

"W-what're you going to do to me?" Sylvestia asked, the first thing she'd said since we got here.

"Don't worry, I'll make it quick," I said, a rush of adrenaline shooting through me. I took the wooden stake and cleared the distance of the room within a second.

"No, Sylvestia!" I heard the Ignealious scream as I drove the wooden stake up under and through her head

"Good, now let's go. I told the rest of the team that we'd be back by the end of the day," Vincent said, slapping the blubbering boy.

"It's your fault she's dead, so stop your crying," He hissed, his demon side showing and his eyes going completely black, even the whites. I laughed a little as I pulled Sylvestia's head clean off her body.

"Proof for Hudson. Let's go," I said happily.

"Put some clothes on and for Gods sake, QUIT CRYING!" Vincent said, annoyed, pushing Ignealious toward his clothes. Ignealious just wouldn't shut up. He cried as he put on his clothes and on the entire trip back.

"Ignealious, the queen would like to see you now. Superiors, your pay," Hudson greeted Vincent and Ignealious, giving us 15 pounds of faerie dust. They knew this stuff was rare in America.

"Thank you. Your proof," Vincent said, taking the faerie dust.

"I think this was promised," I said, rounding the corner with Sylvestia's head, still attached to the stake. I grinned with pride as I saw Hudson jump back 5 feet and Ignealious start to sob harder. Hudson carefully took the end of the stake and gagged as he turned to go back into the chamber.

"To Seattle?" Vincent asked.

"To Seattle!" I said, once again unfurling my wings.

Pretty normal day.

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