Virtual Apocolypse

Ever wondered how the apocolypse would of played out if you were in it? Well now you can find out how you would survive in a full scaled novel telling the story of 6-10 survivors and how they survived against the alien zombies and the ocassional bandits.


11. Infomation for next update!!

Sorry that I haven't update girls and boys. I have been working on a fanfiction on which I am proud of. If you would support sirsquirrelII I would be much appreciative.

But on to more serious things I will update soon because I have planned out this epic chapter which will be a long one due to the wait. I assure you I will continue my own work on movellas but its just something I have felt like doing and I finally am. So do not worry as for I should have the rather long chapter up by the end of the week.

      -Your narrarator AnonymousNeymar (Tai)

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