Virtual Apocolypse

Ever wondered how the apocolypse would of played out if you were in it? Well now you can find out how you would survive in a full scaled novel telling the story of 6-10 survivors and how they survived against the alien zombies and the ocassional bandits.


10. Chapter Three: Alliances


-8:09am Wednesday Week 1-

"Alright Nikki so you just grouped with Tai then?" I ask turning between the companions.

"Yeah he just knocked me out and then let me join," I turn and smirk at Tai knowing that he was being a little too defensive. "But it's better than surviving alone in the cold and dangerous streets," I look down at my feet and nod.

"...Well it is great to have you all here. This isn't my actual home it is a friend of mine he wants me to care for it while he goes to meet with a few of his friends and family. But with the four of us we can go in groups and find the supplies we will need for the journey to an abandoned quarintine zone. If this works as planned we can be the cause of saving humanity to these munchers," I look at Tai wide eyed and know what he is saying just seems crazy, but I can't help to agree and want to be a part of his journey.

"So if we get these supplies and survive for the rest of the week or whatever, how do you plan on surviving out there?" I turn back to Tai as the words slip from Yuki's mouth.

"Alright to be honest I was joking about the whole thing, but we need those supplies to survive if we find another apartment maybe we could turn it into our own little slice of heaven. We could call it safe haven, although the journey may be tough it could prove worth it," I nod at Tai's words.

" are you saying that we are going to have to try survive like the rest of the world?" I ask this question cautiously for some reason.

"yep," I don't make a single movement as I listen to that one word ring in my head. Surviving again.

"Well at least this will test our survival skills and it will also see if this companionship will work," Nikki glares at Tai and Tai doesn't notice.



10:10am Wednesday Week 1-

"Alright now to just work on the internet connection and the whole country should have it's internet up and running," I look at the screen and my eyes feel heavy. I really wish I could just have a warm cup of coffee or a cold soda to give me some pep. I slowly turn my head as a noise enters through my right ear. I turn and there right in front of me stands a tall male with almost ginger coloured hair, it's a redish brown. He doesn't appear to pose threat because he hasn't done anything but stand in the one spot with his hands behind his back.

"Hey, i'm Jonathan...Jonathan Bryan. I was just killing the dead and thought I would stop by," I look at him and furrow one eyebrow.

"I'm Dakota I don't mean any trouble I was just trying to get the internet back up," I look at him scouting him for weapons. "Well I could use a bodyguard," I look at him with a smile.

"Yeah I could be your bodyguard anything, as long as I got someone to talk to," he paces back and forth with a happy facial expression. I role my eyes and get back to work.



-7:31pm Wednesday Week 1-

He looks so cute when he takes charge. I sure hope it doesn't get dark though I can already feel the darkness creeping in on us. I notice him wave me over so I stay crouched and slowly creep towards him. I currently don't know what to think I want to stay out here with him but I also want to go back to the apartment building. I like being alone with him but it's getting dark and I would kinda prefer to be with him and the rest of the group. He turns to face me, "follow closely behind its getting dark and we just need to search this corner shop," he continues moving and I follow closely behind. I slowly move with him and I suddenly feel something grab me, before I can take in what had happened the hand curls its fingers around my ankle and try to bite my protected foot. As soon as I turn and realise an infected boy no older than fourteen, I scream and fall over into the grassy sidewalk. I close my eyes and when I open them again Tai is already kicking the kids brains in bloodying his black and red kicks even more.

He looks up at me taking my hand, "do you wanna keep going or do you want to go back to the safehouse?" he looks at me concerned.

I want to say lets continue but i'm to scared and the word "no" slips from my mouth as do tears. He pulls me up and continues to hold my hand leading me through the tall grass growing through the cracks in the pavement.

-30 minutes later-

At our return we sit down on a dirty white couch and look across the room at Michael and Yuki sitting on the duplicate laying across from us. The candle is enough to light the room up and I can't help but rest my head on Tai who doesn't seem to mind.



-9:42pm Wednesday Week 1-

"You sure they came this way Riley," Vance looks at me a little worried.

"Yeah it was a guy and a girl they have a small group going on and I thought maybe we could build an alliance," I look at Vance and he is wide eyed.

"Alliance?" I look back at him sighing.

"You know we run into trouble they help out, support us. Or if we need to trade we can trade," Vance nods with an "oooh" and I roll my eyes smiling.

"Now if you don't mind being a gentlemen open the door for me to the apartment complex," I walk through the door as Vance holds it open.

I navigate through the hallways and finally notice light under the door frame, I listen as does Vance and then we knock knowing that this must be the people. I stand back with Vance and keep my hands in my pocket. From the few second delay after the footsteps I know that the person opening the door had looked through the keyhole or something. After another few seconds the sound of unshackling of chains is heard and then the door swings open.

"May I help you? You wouldn't happen to be the pizza delivery guys would you?" the boy smiles and waves a handgun around.

"We just wanted to ask if you would like to ally your group with ours?" I notice his eyebrows raise. "You know help each other out we are in the area after all," he nods his head and crosses his arms across his chest.

"Alright, location and name," I look at him and laugh.

"I'm Riley and this is Vance we have others, our location is not far from here. I can take you there if you like, but we must go now," he shakes his head.

"I am willing to come but not until tomorrow morning, if you like you and your companion could stay over night and then we can leave first thing in the morning," I think it over and nod.

"Yeah sure. But no funny business," he laughs and smiles.

"I like you, names Tai," he holds the door and waves us inside so we do as he motions.

I am surprised to find another male and female in the group and I feel at home as soon as I take a seat.



-12:00am Thursday Week 1-

I think I am going to survive without that stupid quarintine zone. I got all the supplies I need for now out of that little scavenge and not to mention that I found a nice little resting place in the sewer. Now it's time to destroy what destroyed me...

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