Virtual Apocolypse

Ever wondered how the apocolypse would of played out if you were in it? Well now you can find out how you would survive in a full scaled novel telling the story of 6-10 survivors and how they survived against the alien zombies and the ocassional bandits.


8. Chapter One: Yuki


- 5:47pm Tuesday -

"So Michael you didn't tell me why you're looking for this guy...Tai," I stare at the buildings ahead of us.

"Oh well he is a childhood friend of mine, it's thanks to him that I met you...hopefully he is out there though and I...I mean we find him," I turn to face Michael and watch his short black hair sway side two side. "Sometime's though I hope I don't find him," Michael drops his head and a tear drops from his eye landing on the collar of his shirt.

"Why?" I ask but don't want to push it far enough he leaves me to myself.

"If I find him and he is just a corpse I would hate myself. I would rather just keep living thinking he is somewhere out," Michael holds his head high as he speaks those final words.

"Ok you don't have to say anything more," I surpress my feelings.

He turns to me and gives a slight smile not revealing teeth though, then his lips begin to part "how about you...ever lost someone?" he turns away holding the left strap of his backpack.

A tear falls from my eye and I quickly wipe it away before he notices, "No...I have seen death but not someone I knew or loved," I turn my head away and act like everything is fine.

The street is dusty and the air smells like death. I let my fingers slide around my sword as a moan begins to close in on us. I turn towards Michael and he runs off towards a house. "Quick in here it's gonna be dark soon and the dead are probably on top of us," I run over to Michael and watch as he moves a desk out of the door way, I help him and as soon as the desk is moved we go inside and I sit down while he moves the desk back for a barricade.

'So what is the plan here?" I look at him as he takes a seat opposite me.

"We rest here and leave at the peak of dawn," I nod and fall back onto my backpack letting myself drift off to sleep for the first time in two days.

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