Virtual Apocolypse

Ever wondered how the apocolypse would of played out if you were in it? Well now you can find out how you would survive in a full scaled novel telling the story of 6-10 survivors and how they survived against the alien zombies and the ocassional bandits.


4. Chapter One: Tai/Bry


I looked out of the scope watching as the world goes to hell. A couple bandits and a few dead roam the streets below my vantage point. "Dammit, the package should be here by now...where is this guy," I noticed movements across the street where grass grows taller in the park. I am jerked back to reality as a gunshot fires echoing throughout the streets. The dead turn towards a average looking man with a bushy goatee. My lip curls as I know this must be the guy with my ammo. I look back into my scope and watch as the crosshair in the sniper scope covers a pale yellowish skinned man who's skin is peeling around the mouth. I slowly squeeze the trigger and the bullet pierces the head of not one but two dead. The guy climbs the ladder onto the rooftop that I wait on as he climbs I pull back on the lever of the gun and it clicks releasing the case from the chamber. The man pulls himself up onto the rooftop and hands be a cardboard box that is rather heavy.

"Your ammunition has arrived," The man extends his arm and waits for me to give him the ration coupon from his camp. "Well I am waiting or do I need to play this the mean way?" the man looks at me dead in the eye and his eyebrows make a V shape.

"Alright here..." I drop the coupon letting it float down landing on the palm of his hand. "Isn't it just great having a friend with these kinds of benefits?" I say smirking at him.

"Yeah...must be great to have someone who can scavenge from the corrupt military huh?" I laugh at nod at his words then he runs off in his own direction.

I supress a smile as he looks back and then runs away. After a few minutes of sitting down on a fold out chair left lying open on the rooftop, I walk across the wood plank paths to continue my journey to my safehouse. As I realise I am almost at the destination I notice trouble as for a horde of the dead come dragging themself slowly towards me. The one time I thought things were going my way. I look into the scope of my sniper rifle and scout around for something to use to my advantage, then I notice a car that is still intact just sprouting foliage so using it to my adavantage I shoot the gas tank knocking the zombies down and most dying.



Memories playback in my head as I think of my fiance that had been trapped at one of those...filthy camps. But I know he is safer there it's just I cannot live there not with the way the corrupt military works its rules. This place may not be the safest place but it will have to do for the rest of the day. I look down at my bleeding leg and know I cannot do anything at this moment as for I have nothing to stop the bleeding. My stomach growls and its loud knowing that I haven't eaten in three days I slam my balled fists against the cold hard ground. The floor next to me breaks leaving a hole big enough to fit in, the floor boards are corroded to hell. I stroke my hair trying to remain calm, man the apocalypse really can make you lose sanity. I move carefully across the floor but it collapses and I fall with it. I scream holding my leg in pain and gagging from the smell down here. I slowly pull my head up and notice a bowl of still edible fruit. Without hesitation I pull myself up and munch away at the apples and pears. I hear a moaning noise behind me and I quickly pivot my head to see a dead man rising to his feet. I let my hand hover over my belt were my revolver should be but isn't. "Crap," I mutter looking around for a weapon I notice a piece of wood from the floor boards and reach for it but within seconds the weight of the dead man comes tumbling down on me. I hold the man back with my foot and almost vomit from the sight of its thick red saliva drip from its mouth or whats left of it anyway. I keep reaching for the wood until my index finger gets hold of it and then I pull it towards me, the guy swings his arms at me and chomps the air until he realises he can just take a bite out of my leg. Right before he goes for the bite I bring the wood across his face and continue to smack his head in until pink ooze drips from his head.

Right before I can sit down and relax an explosion startles me and I decide to follow this tunnel to wherever it leads weapon or no weapon. I hear footsteps enter the building behind me and I would usually go see and try fight if it was hostile but at this time without a weapon I am vulnerable. Seconds later I fall collapsing into a sewer system and my eyes close leaving me in the darkness.

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