Virtual Apocolypse

Ever wondered how the apocolypse would of played out if you were in it? Well now you can find out how you would survive in a full scaled novel telling the story of 6-10 survivors and how they survived against the alien zombies and the ocassional bandits.


6. Chapter One: Jonathan/Riley


"Damn," I watch the man fall to his side letting the blood ooze from his face. I stick another clip into my pistol and then turn noticing that a horde of zombies follow behind. "No way am I taking all those things down," I quickly holster my weapon and run towards an abandoned office building. The street is filled with dust and debris lays in the areas that were hit the hardest by the infection. A few of the dead begin to approach and I can almost feel their breath on my neck, I turn with my knife and charge straight at the dead shanking them many times until I finally let the tip of my knife meet with their skulls. I turn back to the office building and look around for a way into the front door. I look around and begin to let myself feel paranoid for once in my life. I notice a vent I can probably crawl through to get inside, lucky for me I am tall and that gives me the chance to live another day. I push myself up and slide through the vent and crawling towards the light which ends up just letting my body come crashing down on the floor. I push myself up and run for somewhere safe to rest the night and end up hiding in an empty office which previously belonged to a person named Colin Peters. I lay down and rest my head on the chair trying to stay warm by crossing my arms and rubbing them to generate heat.

-13 hours later-

I let my eyes slide open and I blink adjusting to the light peeping in through the cracks and window. A clock that still ticks thanks to the batteries inside of it, reads 10:36 I look around the room lost in my thoughts of how this past week has treated me. I hear growling and I have heard enough to know the dead have come to feed. I retreat through the fire exit and into the alleyway hoping for the best.



"Look over their Riley, it's Vance he is gonna get himself killed," I turn and look at Kallan as he speaks those words knowing that he has been right about things in the past.

"Kallan just keep your cool it is Vance we're talking about, he usually deals with the fighting," I give Kallan a stare and he just snarls back at me.

"Guy's not to interupt your little conversation but we are in the middle of a stakeout type thing," I turn to my otherside and stare at Bridgit another survivor within my group of nineteen and twenty year olds. "Look if you two could keep your relationship a little less lively then maybe we can get through this raid," I roll my eyes and nod at Bridgit who gives me a cold stare another reason why she can annoy me.

"Don't talk to my girl that way Bridgit or you will be expendable to the group," I turn back towards Kallan who is being serious from the look on his face. I playfully punch Kallan in the arm and smile hoping it lightens the mood leaving that discussion behind.

"Why did you even let her come with us?" I try not to outburst with rage and he notices that himself.

"Calm down guys we are all just a little grumpy that we haven't eaten for a few days just stay calm and lets not argue," they both look at me as I speak and I try to act as if not looking at them but at the area in front of us.

"You're right babe," Kallan puts his hand on my shoulder and then looks at Bridgit with a smile he uses his other hand to shake hers.

"Yeah I'm sorry as well Kallan," I jerk back to reality and notice that Vance has gotten the supplies and we can make a clean get away to the safehouse.

-34 minutes later-

After arriving back at the safehouse which is a small garage with a workbench and some sleeping bags. We leave all our supplies in boxes in the corner and leave a few weapons pinned to the wall in case of emergency situations. I know that others struggle at times like these but for some reason it seems so easy.

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