Virtual Apocolypse

Ever wondered how the apocolypse would of played out if you were in it? Well now you can find out how you would survive in a full scaled novel telling the story of 6-10 survivors and how they survived against the alien zombies and the ocassional bandits.


7. Chapter One: Dakota/Aiden


I let my hand hover over the keyboard of a dusty computer that still operates. It feels so good to know this place must have a generator giving this sweet computer its juice. I click on an open tab and then read through an article about the pandemic virus. I skim through ready only the important parts of symptoms, effects and important information. The symptoms included are numbness especially to the area of bite or scratch, loss of touch or feeling to the area of infection, nose bleeds and blood dripping from your mouth and nausea, this will all happen within the first 1-27 hours of bite. In the final stages you will feel a craving for flesh, blurry vision at times and heightened sense of smell and hearing.

"Wow," I turn towards the outside world and then back to the desktop.

The effects on you will be serious and you will be put down. If bitten you have no way of stopping yourself from turning unless taking your own life. If you turn your eyes will become a light colour and your pupil is almost unoticable, your skin will turn to a fleshy colour or pale yellow. Your skin will rot away and limbs will fall off your body, your teeth will sharpen a little and you will then carry the disease within your saliva or occasionally nails. I quickly let the rest sink into my brain and then I think about all the good I could be doing if I let this information out for the world to see. I turn around to the banging of a door I grasp my dagger and notice the door swing open. I swing my dagger across the ladies pale yellow face and her jaw falls to the floor. The lady continues to come at me her jaw is gone and she is missing an eye, her organs are where they should be just a giant hole with bite marks. I watch as the dead lady limps towards me I swallow and stick my dagger into the ladies head, she falls to the floor and blood drips from the wound. "I have got to make this place more secure," I look around and then begin to carry heavy objects towards the door piling them up to block the door.



" sir should not have messed with me," I look at the dead man who has nothing but a pistol. "Not gonna be using that thing so...." I turn away and walk off.

I notice some smoke off in the distance it fills up the blue sky. I am unsure of what I wanted to do so I moved a little closer to the smoke but not enough to get in range of whoever or whatever was there. My stomach growls at me almost as if it were angry I hadn't eaten at all yesterday. I could of though I did just so happen to have an orange which was definetly edible. As I walk clumsily for fun I begin to notice the sound of moaning. It's takes me about a minute to realise that something is following me, I spin around and take a look. A tall teenage boy with medium lengthed hair and a twisted leg drags himself at me, he swings his arms and bites the air as then moans as if in pain. I pull my knife from my belt and stick the blade into the boys head he falls to the floor and it almost feels as if he is trying to say thank you, but then again I am going a little crazy from lonelyness. I look into the air and think of what it would be like to share love during these times. I am jerked back to reality by a feminine scream. I run as fast as I can holding a arrow in my dominate hand and the bow in the other. But I arrive to late and the girl is already laying on the floor dead from blood loss, three dead turn and are hoping that I will be their next meal but I walk away holstering my weapon and when I look back they are already feeding on the girl.

-47 minutes later-

I feel lost I have no idea where I am going and if I don't shelter I'll be a sitting duck in the darkness of the streets. But after a few extra minutes of walking I get lucky and find an unlocked building which I use to shelter me for the cold and dark night.


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