Kidnapped With Friends

What Happens When Three Girls
•& Sarah
Are Kidnapped when walking home? Will they ever go home? Find Out! READ!


2. Scared

(Clarissa's POV)

"This is not happening....THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!" I screamed.

"Clarissa calm down!" Kiersten cried.

"Please.." Sarah whispered.

"I WILL NOT CALM DOWN!" I screamed

I got up and started banging on the door.

"GET ME OUT OF HERE!...HELP ME!"I screeched.

I heard the door unlocking and backed away.

"Who was doing that" the man said sternly.

He looked straight at me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out the room. He locked the door and picked me up.

"The go of me!" I screeched

"Master wont be happy about this" i said to himself.

MASTER? What master? Im not his my own person.

I didn't notice we were in a mansion until I was in a bedroom. A man was in there. He was gorgeous. But he had a angry look on his face.

"Was she bad?" He asked

The man holding me nodded.

He put me down and left the room.

I stared at the man. He got up and locked the door. He put the key high up. I couldnt reach it i was to short.

He walked up to me. Picked me up and put me on the bed...

(Kiersten's POV)

"Do you think she is dead?" I asked Sarah.

"I hope not!" She cried

Right then the door opened and Clarissa walked in. She had tears in her eyes and she was hugging herself. The man locked the door. And Clarissa walked to me and Sarah and started crying. We hugged her than i had to ask.

"What did they do to you?" I asked looking at her bruises.

"" he breathed while she cried.

Oh my im terrified.

(Sarah's POV) will they rape me to? Kiersten? If they did it to Clarissa they can do it to us! Oh god!

In the room there was two mattresses and a Tv. While Kiersten was crying with Clarissa. I turned on the TV. Right there was our Parents.Crying.


I was short. But hope it was good..didnt get 5likes but for the people reading I didn't want to keep you waiting!

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