Kidnapped With Friends

What Happens When Three Girls
•& Sarah
Are Kidnapped when walking home? Will they ever go home? Find Out! READ!


6. Out plan

(Clarissa's POV)

I look at the air duct. It was high. I got the two mattress and put them on top of each other. Still wasn't high enough.

"Kiersten im going to pick up. Open the duct and pull me up!" I whispered.

We got on the mattress and I picked her up.

She opened it and climbed in.

"Come on!" She reached her hand out.

I jumped and got her hands. She pulled me up. And we crawled threw the darkness.

(Kiersten's POV)

As we were crawling..we saw a light. We crawled to it.

"We are almost out of here" i whispered.

I looked at the light and I saw a park. Two mothers and a kid.

"HELP!" Me and Clarissa screamed.

They looked at us in horror.

One of the mothers got out her phone while the other ran to us.

"I will get you out of here." She shuddered

She pulled on the frame and it opened it.

Me and Clarissa crawled out and fell on the floor. We are out! after 29 days...we are out. I went out and hugged the lady. Clarissa joined our hug.

"Thank you...thank you so much." I cried.

"We have been in there so long.." Clarissa said as she went to hug me.

We were half naked. But i didnt care. We were out of there.

But before the police came..we heard shots and the two ladies were on the floor dead the kid was stabbed.

"NO!" I screamed as they grabbed us.

We were captured agian..

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