Kidnapped With Friends

What Happens When Three Girls
•& Sarah
Are Kidnapped when walking home? Will they ever go home? Find Out! READ!


5. Day Twenty-Seven

(Kiersten's POV)

Sarah is gone.. 16 days ago... In front of me..i knew she was going nuts.but they didnt have to kill her. But at least she doesnt need to be scared. They threw her body the next town over they said. At least her body will be found. And it was.


News Reporter: Sarah Wong's Body was found just a week ago. Police believe the two girls are still alive. Hope so.

(Clarissa Turns TV off)

(Clarissa's POV)

I cant. Its to painful. She didnt deserve to die.

I cry into kiersten's shoulder.

"We need to get out of here" i say.

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