poems of a cutter

a battle between a girl and a blade. which will win. who will die. a battle she fights everyday, but can not win. tells the world goodbye


2. just one more

as time goes by,

i see why.

you left me here,

here to die.

i was never yours,

you were never mine.

who's that girl,

by your side.

she your new me?

same height, hair, and eyes.

likes the same things.

see you hurt me,

but i love you still.

you said there was no other,

but there she is,

standing in my place.

you see me,

tell her to look at a menu,

walk over to me,

and see all the scars on my arm.

all the new cuts and old.

you say sorry,

but i just turn my head.

you put your finger under my chin,

turn my head, 

then to my shock.

kiss me ever so slightly,

and look in my eyes.

then walk away again,

not knowing i want you back.

running in front of you,

you stop,

and I kiss you again.

to let you know,

i miss you too. 

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