Loving the games

I am kat Everdean, my mom is katness Everdean and my dad is gale. I live in district 13. My mom is the mocking jay, I am the blue jay.


2. Presadent Snow's visit

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" I woke up. "Just another stupid dream." "I heard screaming are you alright?" I rolled my eyes. "Yes mom" my mom was SO anoying sometimes. "Alright kat, and by the way breakfast is read-" she stopped, min word. "Mom?" "How did you find u- me?" She wasn't talking to my, of course. "It was simple, really." I saw a man with white hair and a white beard. Presadent Snow. "How is the little baby doing, oh wait, its not a baby anymore is it? Its about, I dont know, 12?" I caught a glips of him smirking. "Ya so what? Im 12 what are you gunna go about it!" I jumped down and landed right infront of him. His smirked grew. "I dont know, maybe take you away, give you to a family in district 11, and make shure you end up in the hunger games?" I stood there. No. He cant. Can he? "Or...." He paused for the effect. "He could go out with my grandson. Your choice." He laughed so evil I could taste it. "I choose neather." "Im sorry thas not up on the deal board." I looked at my mom, she was crying, and I could feel tears swelling up in my eyes. "I... I.... I choose, your grandson." I burst out crying and Presadent Snow chuckled. "Very well then." He turned, and walked out the door. 

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