Alice Moonchild

Alice is just a normal girl in high school with an average family, average grades and average friends. Or so she thought.
A strange boy enrolls at her school and tells her that she isn't normal, and that this fact, being known by pretty much the entire downworld, is going to get her family killed if she doesn't leave and start training her newfound powers.
What will happen to Alice´s family and who is this mysterious, and indescribably good looking, boy crashing into her life?


1. His Eyes

Time slowed. My mind felt like I was in water, but I knew I wasn't. I reached for my necklace, but it wasn't there. Why wasn't I wearing it? I needed it. I fainted.

Where was I? I felt weird. almost like I was flying, but that was impossible. Then where was I? I opened my eyes. Silver, gold, white, black, I saw colors everywhere. I must be dreaming, I thought. But it felt so real. I could feel the colors radiating my body, and when they came close, they would brush across my skin, so gently, but with such intensity, giving me the feeling of peacefulness and warmth. I didn't feel alone, but surrounded by family. Not like my adoptive one, but like a real family, connected by the strong bond of blood and love. I wanted to stay there forever, with the family I oh so desired. "Alice" ,somebody said with a voice softer than anything I had ever heard, "my child".

I was forced out, by hands I didn't recognize. The colors, the voice, the feeling of never ending peace, disappeared. I recognized the feel of anger. I was angry at the hands that had forced me out, angry. I opened my eyes to look at the source of my hatred so I could scream at it. It was a boy, with his face so close to mine that I could smell him. His eyes were fixed on mine, and I could do nothing but stare in wonder. 

If I had to describe his eyes in one word, it would be: breathtaking. 

they were as gold as the rays radiating from the sun, and with such intensity that I was sure it could be nothing else but the sun, inches away from my face. I was so captivated by those eyes that I didn't notice the confusion playing around behind those golden eyes. Was he confused at the staring or the fact that I passed out in the middle of class? Oh. I passed out in class. I looked around, expecting to see the entire class standing around me with shock written all over their faces, but there were none. We were standing in the hall. Or he was standing, with me in his arms... Oh my god.


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