Alice Moonchild

Alice is just a normal girl in high school with an average family, average grades and average friends. Or so she thought.
A strange boy enrolls at her school and tells her that she isn't normal, and that this fact, being known by pretty much the entire downworld, is going to get her family killed if she doesn't leave and start training her newfound powers.
What will happen to Alice´s family and who is this mysterious, and indescribably good looking, boy crashing into her life?


2. Confusion

"What are you doing?", I asked him, confused by the arms wrapped around me. "I'm carrying you to the nurse's office, since you fainted in the middle of class.", he said with a smirk playing at the corners of his mouth. He looked so amused, yet that confused look never left those golden eyes. "Then why aren't we walking?", I asked realizing that we had been standing still this entire time. His eyes shifted, as if he hadn't noticed. "I'm sorry. You just said something, surprising me.", I said something? I didn't say anything in my dream, so it wasn't something I said consciously. "What did I say?" I ask, actually curious to know. He wen't from curious to guarded as soon as I asked. As if the answer was a secret he had sworn to protect, so I decided to drop it. For now. He started walking, with me in his arms. "I can walk by myself you know." I said, feeling a bit uncomfortable, being carried and all. "If you think I'm gonna risk you fainting a second time, you can forget it.", he said, not caring about my uncomfortable situation. "Don't worry, I don't think it'll happen again. Not anytime soon anyway." I say, seriously wanting this awkward setting to change."Fine." he says letting me down on me feet."What was that all about anyway? You just suddenly fell, as if the lights went out." he asked as he walked with me. And I actually had no idea why or how it had happened. I didn't even remember falling, only the warmth of colors. "I don't know. It's as you said: The lights just went out... or in my case, I think they lit up more than they went out." I may have sounded like a crazy person, but it was the truth. "Lit up?" he sounded almost shocked, and looked at me like I had just grown a third arm. "What?" I asked, "Why are you looking at me like that?". "Alice?" he asked, almost in a whisper. "Yes?" those confused eyes suddenly changed from confusion to that of amazement. "What?" I couldn't help giggling a bit. He was looking like a child being told of santa claus for the first time. "When is your birthday Alice?" he asks, eager to know. "Why do you ask so suddenly?" I asked confused of his eagerness to gain this piece of knowledge. "That doesn't matter, just answer." he was getting impatient. "I'm turning 17 tomorrow." his face again changed to a face of mixed emotions. I saw joy, sadness and anger, all playing at the same time. "I need to get back to class." he then said. "Sure" I answered, a little disappointed.  He turned around and starts to go back to class. Why was he being so confusing? 

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