Conner has quit school, she lives by herself. But she likes it that way she is carefree she sings in the rain, makes a fool of herself in public but that's who she is. What happens when the 1D boys see her playing in the pouring rain and thunderstorm? Will she fall in love or push them away like she does with other guys? Read, "Carefree" to find out!


22. Who Was That?!

Louis' POV


The lads and I were running after Conner but when she past the alley someone just snatched her up! "CONNER!" We all screamed at her. I ran I to the alley calling her name looking around desperately. I spotted a car down the road and I saw Conner and a man struggling. I tried to be quiet but the boys came running yelling mine and Conner's name. The man turned around then started the engine and sped off. “No!" I screamed falling to the ground, bursting out in tears. "Lou" Zayn said and rubbed my back then keeled next to me. "We'll find her. It's okay it's okay"


Conner's POV

The dude put me in the car, and obviously had to struggle. "You better be quiet" I settled down a bit but I heard Louis call my name. I tried to wave but we sped off. I tried to read the signs of the street name bug the window was so dark I couldn't. After about a 25 minute drive we pulled up into the scrappy little house, that was in the middle of no where. "Get out!" I did as I was told and got out following him into the nasty house. I saw about 3 guys in there and my first though was, they're going to rape me. J pushed it away and thought happy thoughts. "Boys, I got someone who w can beat up" he said. I was as actually happy that, instead of my other thought. "I'm Will by the way" oh sure, why would he tell me his real name. Out of no where I got kicked to the ground. I looked up and they were all surrounding me. I smiled up at them trying to be friendly and all but, there's no reason to. They kicked, lunch, punched, and slapped me for over an hour.they were blasting music so "nobody can hear you scream" quoting will. But who the heck is out here! After a hour or so of beating they went up to bed, but one stayed down, Ken. He gave me a blanket, actually threw it but whatever. I pretended to sleep and about 4-5 hours Ken was out. I had my phone! I took it out and turned down the brightness, 3:30 great, just great. I slowly got up being very careful not to trip because I'm so clumsy. "Dang it" I said when I tried pulling on the handle. "It's flipping locked" Well, I guess I'll have to break it down, or jump out of a window. They both seemed fun but I decided on the window, I took a few steps back. 'It will be okay, it's only on the second story.' I told myself, one, two, uh three! I ran and broke threw the window. I landed on my feet but it doesn't help I broke my foot and it healed like a few weeks ago. I pushed my self to get up. I pulled out my phone, and to my luck! No service. "Hey!" I looked up and saw Will, Ken, and James. "Crap" I tried running, it didn't work. I knew I couldn't out run them so maybe I could out smart them! I anxiously looked around for a tall tree. Finally, I climbed it up and watched them hop in their car searching for me. Smiling to my self I climbed down and walked out on to the street. Being very careful, I pulled out my phone and started walking around looking for service. After about 10 minutes I got two circles! Heck ya!! I dialed Louis' number. "Pick up the phone pick up the phone,


C- I'm here I'm here

L- Babe! Oh my gosh are you okay, are you hurt

C- No, I'm all good. ( that was such a lie)

L- Where are you?!

I told him the street, he said he'll be here as quick as he can. I sat down, well I sat in a tree so they couldn't see me. Looking at my leg, it seems like it was my knee that was swollen, that's better then my foot. I thought to my self. I won't tell Louis, I don't want to go back to the hospital. 'Show no hurt in your step, Conner' I whispered to my self. "Conner!" Louis shouted. My eyes basically popped out of my head. I climbed down. "Louis!" He picked me up twirling around. "Baby! You got us worried sick! C'mon let's go home"

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