Conner has quit school, she lives by herself. But she likes it that way she is carefree she sings in the rain, makes a fool of herself in public but that's who she is. What happens when the 1D boys see her playing in the pouring rain and thunderstorm? Will she fall in love or push them away like she does with other guys? Read, "Carefree" to find out!


17. Visiting

Louis' POV 


*Two months later*

Ive been checking on Conner everyday, the first day I found out, I slept in her room. She seemed so peaceful. None of her family has come in, just the boys  and a couple of fans. There are at least a thousand if flowers and balloons, cards, and letters. Some of the fans asre really sweet it's unbielevable. I was driving to the hospital, and was planning on staying in her room until the interview I have tomorrow. When I pulled up into the driveway if the hospital I saw about 100 fans with signs that says 'Wake Up Conner!', 'We live Yiu Conner', 'Couis needs to stay together' but one sign caught my eye it says, 'Stay Strong Louis. If you will she will' a tear drop came running down my cheek. I didn't even bother wiping it away. I went over to them with Paul sadly following me. I spotted the girl with the sign. She looked about 12 or 13 and had red hair with some freckles, and glasses. She was cute. I pulled her out if the crowd in about 10 minutes. Pretty good in my opinion. "Hi love, what's you name?" "Jo Smith" she answered quietly. "I like your sign it's really nice. How about you come inside with me." she nodded her head. I shooed Paul away and grabbed Jo's hand and walked inside. After telling them my name and Conner's I went up stairs to her room. "Jo" she turned her head to look up at me. Now that I see her she looks about 9 or 10. "How old are you?" "9" I nodded my head. When we went in there was a nurse doing something with machines and stuff. Jo put her sign with the other 100 of them. "Is she going to be okay?" I asked the nurse. Jo came over to me and leaned her head on my side and looked at Conner. I wrapped my arm around her and listened to the nurse, "Well we don't really know. We don't even know why she's in a coma she only put pressure on her foot right?" I nodded my head. "Because she can't eat anything she's losing weight. Which is a problem. If she doesn't wake up in the next few months we might have to move her in another room and let nobody visit her." "WHAT? No you can't do that!" I said angrily "Im sorry sir" she responded and walked out. Just leaving me, Jo, and Conner.  I pulled up a chair so it's next to the bed, and placed Jo on my lap. "Do how do you know Conner. " I asked her. "Well she's my cousin. So our moms are sisters and has a fight while I was playing with Conner and we moved to America. We were visiting my mind old friend here. And when I heard about Conner I just had to see her again. " I smiled at her and she leaned her head deeper into my chest. Crying, I was crying too, do I held Conner's hand, it was so soft, and fit perfectly with mine . "I think I should g-go" Jo said to me, crying. I pulled away from Conner and took Jo off my lap. I kneeled down to her level and wiped away her tears. I hugged her and whispered, "Just like you told me 'stay strong' she nodded her head and left. I went back to the chair and held Conner's hand again, managing to fall asleep. With Conner's hand in mine. 

*Next Day*  "Crap I told my self when I looked at my phone. It was already noon and I had te interview at 12:30. I pulled my hand away from hers and kissed her for head. I ran outside an hopped into my car. I drove to the place I had to be, jumped out and ran inside. "I'm here!" I screamed laughing a bit. And let me tell you I've just never had a real laugh or joy since Conner. As I sat down the dude just asked questions to the other boys while I just spaced out. "Lou!" I snapped back into reality after thinking of Conner. "Ya" Harry pointed to the dude. "What?" "I asked you about Conner" I did not want to talk about her because if I did I know for a fact I will not be able to finish without crying. "Ud rather not talk about it" he nodded his head, and again I spaced out. After the thing finished I went home and say in my bed. In a month it's Christmas and how the hell am I supposed to celebrate it without Conner! I need her, she's the only present I want and need. That nigh I cried my self to sleep hoping Conner will wake up. 

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