Conner has quit school, she lives by herself. But she likes it that way she is carefree she sings in the rain, makes a fool of herself in public but that's who she is. What happens when the 1D boys see her playing in the pouring rain and thunderstorm? Will she fall in love or push them away like she does with other guys? Read, "Carefree" to find out!


20. Home Sweet Home

Conner's POV

After that weirdo left I took a deep breathe. So apparently I'm Conner. Okay, well that's a weird name for a girl! I feel like I remember something else but I can't. Then that weirdo came back with a nurse. She smiled at me, I did the same. "Hello sweeties. I heard you lost your memory." No dur! Isn't that why the freak ran out. "Uh ya…" she nodded her head, "there's nothing else we can really do. So I guess you're free to go" then with that she just walked out. I closed my eyes trying to remember something, anything! L- that's what I kept thinking, 'L' then it hit me! I sat up quickly, maybe a little too quickly. "LOUIS!" I screamed. His face lit up like a firework. He ran over and swung me around. "Oh my god baby, I've missed you so much!" Then he kissed my cheek. Am I his girlfriend? Or just friends. I can't remember everything! "Uh… am I your girlfriend or something?" His eyes grew sad, but he took a breath. "Ya, but it's okay if you don't remember. You've been I'm a coma for 3 months. He gave me some clothes and I changed into something casual. A sweatshirt, skinny jeans, and tan Uggs. He grabbed my hand and we walked outside. "There are going to be paparazzi's because I'm in a band called 1D. I'll tel you about it later but brace yourself." I nodded my head in response. "Can I have a piggy back ride?" He laughed and said, "of course" I hopped on and he wrapped his arms around my legs. When we stepped out there were cameras flashing everywhere! "Louis!" "Louis!" "Louis!" "Conner!" "Conner" "are you guys still a couple!" "Are you alright?" All these questions were being shot at us. We finally made it to the car and drove off to an unfamiliar place. I laid my head down trying to remember something. "Babe, don't stress. You'll remember" he grabbed my hand, and I remembered the feeling! Okay I'm off to a good start! I know to things. We pulled up into this huge house. "Damn Louis! This is awesome!" He only nodded probably because I didn't know this was his house. I hopped onto his back and some big guy pushed past everyone to direct us. "Thanks Paul." We got inside and the boys rushed and tackled us to the ground. "WELCOME HOME CONNER!" I took me a while to remember who Conner was but it was me! Lol! I smiled, not knowing who these people are. "This is Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Harry." He said pointing to each one of them. They looked confused but caught on and got a little sad. "Let's go to Nando's!" The blonde one said, I don't know if he was Niall or Liam. "Is that Niall or Liam" I quietly asked Lou. "Niall" he said but u think they heard. We headed out to the restaurant. Niall ordered the most food by far. "How about we tell Conner about our selves." Louis suggested. We all agreed, "We'll I'm Harry! I like cats and girls" "uh… great to know" I said giggling. "Oh! And I like orange and tacos" I nodded. I put my head down trying to remember. "Keep going" I said and they did, even though I spaced out. I came up, and I think Liam was talking. Then it was Louis' turn. "Im Louis, as you know. I like carrots and football." Then it hit me! "Ah! Your birthday is December 24, 1991!" "Woohoo!" We all celebrated. Then I got my memory back! I got it back! When we got back home we watched a movie and I fell asleep cuddling up to Louis.

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