Conner has quit school, she lives by herself. But she likes it that way she is carefree she sings in the rain, makes a fool of herself in public but that's who she is. What happens when the 1D boys see her playing in the pouring rain and thunderstorm? Will she fall in love or push them away like she does with other guys? Read, "Carefree" to find out!


10. Cried a River

Louis' POV 

I went into the lichen because I thight I heard a cry. When I got there I saw Conner crying so hard she could barely breath. "Baby whats wrong" I asked her. She turned around and ran over to me. I hugged her little delicate body tightl. She told me with so much stuttering I could barely understand her but I made out that her best friend just died. If one of the boys died I would be devistated. I held her while she cried into my chest. I picked her and carried her back to the movie room. The boys looked just as worried as me, …… which is a lot. I mouthed, 'Ill explain later' they nodded their head but kept staring at Conner. She was still sniffling but soon she fell asleep and I brought her upstairs. She was so light and delicate it felt like she could brake any minute. But then yet again she was so carefree, I just love her. Woah do I just say that. Wow I have a crush on Conner. Well she's hot, nice, funny, caring, loving. And just plain lovable. After I put her to bed u went down stairs. "What happened" they all screamed. "Woah calm down she is trying to sleep. And her best friend just died on a plane to America." I said sadly. They all said awe, or poor thing. "Do we stay here or…" like I did t want to scare her but then I don't want to just walk out on her. "Maybe we should stay here just in case" Liam said. We all agreed and went upstairs. We found 6 guest rooms, so we had enough we all split up and went to bed. I do t k ow about the other guys but I can't fall a sleep because I was thinking of Conner so much.  I just couldn't help it, I went into her room slowly and slipped into her bed with her. She seemed so peaceful but you could see all the tear stains on her face. I brushed her cheek and went to sleep. 


Conners POV 

When I woke up I saw Louis laying next to me. I didnt flip because what's the point he just slept there it's not like anything happened. Right? After thinking if anything happened I remembered that Max died.. I ran into the bathroom, well wobbled and shout the door and locked it. I burst out in tears not holding in a single droplet. I was just so devistated I will never forget yesterday or today. I tried to calm down but I had that thing where you can barely breath and you sniffle. I sat in the toilet seat not going to the bathroom or anything. I just want to die right now I can't even explain it right now. I heard a knock on the door, I looked in the mirror and I had tear stains new and old and my hair has looked better, "Y-yah" "Babe it's Zayn, can you unlock the door for me. I didn't hesitate, I needed a hug. So I unlocked the door and fling myself onto Zayn crying into his chest just like a dud with Louis. "Shhhh, Shh baby it will get better I promise" I tried to answer but I just could t. I buried my head deeper into him. I just needed someone, anyone to hold, to tell me its going to be better. "Let's go in my room and just talk okay?" Zayn asked sweetly. I nodded my head thinking that would be nice. He carried me into his room, I realized that I've been carried by almost all of the boys, exept for Harry and Luam. 


Zayns POV 


 I carried her into my room. We talked about her and max and where he was going and why and all that stuff. She could barely talk she was sniffling so much. I felt so bad for her because it seemed like nothing could upset her, she was carefree but had a huge soft spot. I love that in her. So she told me more about her self and it turns out we almost have the same birthday, hers was the 14. But she lives to sing and dance, and play sports. After the boys woke up we alm just had another lazy day. There wasn't as much crying as yesterday but still a lot. I totally understand if one of my mates die, I would probably want to die too. I bet thats how Conner feels. The lads and I feel so bad for her it's line I couldnt even stand thinking about being in her position without getting upset. So we basically hung out that day and getting to know her, it was a pretty hard, but fun, relaxing day. 

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