Conner has quit school, she lives by herself. But she likes it that way she is carefree she sings in the rain, makes a fool of herself in public but that's who she is. What happens when the 1D boys see her playing in the pouring rain and thunderstorm? Will she fall in love or push them away like she does with other guys? Read, "Carefree" to find out!


13. 6 simple words

Conner's POV 

I woke up to Lou right next to me. Man Ive been waiting for him to ask me out. If he doesbt in the next few days I will ask myself. I do t care if the dude is suppose to do that. I got up and put way to much weight on my foot, I blacked out. I was coming in and out from conscious. I heard foot steps, probably lou's. Then more foot steps, I was probably just imagining things. After about 15 minutes I finally gained conscious. I flickered my eye lids open and saw all the boys in pajamas. "Hey!" I screamed. "H-hi" they said. "What's the matter" I asked them. "You just blacked out that's what's the matter" Harry to me. "Well dont worry silly, I'm a wake now. So I'm going back to bed." the nodded their heads still concerned. But agreed because it was like 7:00 in the morning. "Babe can you carry me" I asked Lou sweetly. "Of course" he swooped my up and went upstairs. "Thanks" he just shook his head and sighed. I actually just noticed he wasn't waiting a shirt. Tee hee. "What's wrong" I told him leaning my head on his bare chest. "Can I ask you something" "Shoot" I said back in reply. "Will you go out with me?" he finally spit out with no hesitation. Those 6 simple words are ones that I will never forget. "Hell ya!" I was so excited he finally asked me out. Hola! I smashed my lips against his and rolled on top of him. We were totally having a huge make out section here. The kiss was so passionate, the sparks were so real, the feeling was like never before. I pulled back after like a minute to catch our breathe, we were both painting but it was totally worth it. "That was amazing" was all he said. I nodded my head and snuggled against him. "So do you-" he was cut off by my phone vibrating. "Baby could you hand me that" he took the phone if the night stand and gave it to me. (M-me/ Conner. C- coach) 


C-Hey Conner it's coach Kelly. So how are you feeling?

M-Ya know just recovering I guess. So what's up 

C-Well we have a game at three at ruby field. We are down 4 players so we only have 9 people. Do you think you could play?

M- of course I wouldn't want the team to forfeit because I couldn't play. So see you at three?

C-Ya. Thanks do much conner. Bye

I hung up the phone and sighed. I was not able to play softball if every time I put pressure on my foot I pass out. "Love what's wrong?" "Well I have a softball game-an" he cut me off before I could finish. "You are not playing softball if you pass out every time you walk. I'm sorry but I can't let you get hurt. It breaks my heart" awe he was just took sweet. But I'm just too stubborn. "But it's our last play off game. If we win we win the championship. And we're down 4 players they need me" 


Louuis' POV 

After our make out section we just snuggled together. But her phone rang and she has to play a softball game. I do t want her to get hurt, it just breaks my heart. "Ughh, Conner I don't know." I told her. "Please" she begged me like a little kid. But she was do cute you couldn't say no to her. "Fine. But promise me one thing" "I promise" she said back smiling. Oh my gosh she is just so pretty. "Promise if your foot  starts to hurt. Come out of the game." She nodded her head. Now she snuggled back up to me like before,"oh ya" I said remembering what I was going to say before her phone rang. "Do you want to go out to dinner with me" "Ya!" man I just love this girl to death nobody will even know."I have nothing to wear though" I gar we a look like what the hell is she talking about, "You have a closet the size of a garage that any and every girl would die for." I told her kinda loudly but in a playful way. "Go look for your self" she said laughing a bit. So I got up went over to the closet and she was kinda right. It was like only sports stuff, and even mostly boy stuff. "Conner,  why is there boy stuff in here" I asked a little bit confused: "Because all the girl stuff is too tight. You're not free and comfortable

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