My Last Good Days

Hazel struggles to continue life without out her lover, Augustus Waters. The only person she wants to talk about his death with is with Augustus himself. As Hazel lives her life still fighting lung cancer, she grieves in her own way, heading towards her final and last good days.


6. Searching.

Today was the day. The day I would check Augustus's Facebook again. For 5 months, I refused to check it. I just was digging for something, anything, to fulfill my needs. And this was it. I went online and checked. And there he was. Augustus waters. The one and only. And he was mine. I try to fight the tears, but they fall like a waterfall. Once they start, they won't stop. I looked at my wall and swore I saw him. I screamed his name. My mom ran in, worried. I explained what I saw and told her it was my mind. But to this day, I swear to myself that Augustus waters is watching over me, because he is still here, still with me. 

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