My Last Good Days

Hazel struggles to continue life without out her lover, Augustus Waters. The only person she wants to talk about his death with is with Augustus himself. As Hazel lives her life still fighting lung cancer, she grieves in her own way, heading towards her final and last good days.


2. Finally Getting Out

It had been weeks since the grief struck me. I decided to finally get out and get some fresh air. But then, the grief took over and told me to go to his house. I knew I needed one last piece of him. Something to remind me that he left his mark, but didn't leave a scar on the world. I drove over to his house, hoping his parents wouldn't mind.

                                The door opened as soon as I approached.

                                "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Waters. I hope you don't mind me coming over."

                                "Oh no! We certainly don't mind. Would you like to come in?"

                                "Uh yea. That's actually why I came here. To be reminded of                                                  everything."

                                "Alright, well you can go on down. You know where it is. "

                                "Okay. Thanks so much. "

As I headed downstairs, I prepared for the worst. The worst part of grief. Depression. I glanced into his room, almost hoping that maybe, just maybe, he would be there, right there with Issac, playing Prince of the Dawn. But all I saw was an empty bed, a blank tv, and worst of all, no Augustus. Cards were scattered across the table. But one paper, pinned right above his bed, caught my attention.

                              "My dearest Hazel,

                                                               I am so sorry to leave on such short notice. I always thought that just maybe, I would live to say your obituary, not the other way around. I love you Hazel Grace. Not just some of you. All of you. The way your hair flows to your ears, how you're so confident in your own self, and how you really got me. How some simple things amazed me, and others not so much. If I am correct, I fell into my greatest fear; oblivion. I was there, in the hospital, unconscious, not knowing what is going on around me. But for you, I remembered that I must fight, fight for you. Fight this horrible, life-killing disease that millions and millions of people in this small world have. Including you and I. And it will drive us to deep ends of the Earth to find the willpower to fight it. And I will try my hardest to find that willpower. But if I don't, then I must say goodbye. Goodbye, my dear love Hazel Grace Lancaster. I hope that I will leave a mark, but not a scar that others have to work through to fix. This is my final goodbye. I love you, Hazel Grace, and hope to see you again someday.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      You're dearest,                                                                                                                                           Augustus Waters"

And i grabbed this one piece of paper, that signifies that I really meant something in his short, 17 year life, and left. Trying hard not to fall into the deepest part of grief, depression.

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