Like A Rock

Mistakes are what makes us human but mistakes like these make us heartless.


1. Me

It was hard being me, know really knows the real me and people never will. I might look happy and popular and pretty and all the boys might like me but its not easy being me, i have my secrets just like everyone else but my secrets are a little more intense and if you might say heartless.

I'm Kayla Smith, i have tons of friends and i'm very well known around my city. I'm a junior in high school and still live with my parents, wait nope just my dad. My mom died 2 years ago and sense then my dad hasn't been the same, he used to give me a curfew and ground me for bad grades and not let me have a boyfriend. Now i can stay out as late as i want he couldn't care less, once i left and didn't come back for 3 days and he didn't even notice i was gone, i get good grades don't get me wrong i'm smart and all but i don't get all A's like i used to, he used to get mad at me for getting a B-, and now i even have a boyfriend.

I'm on my way to my famous hang out spot with my 4 friends, Sarah, Taylore, Emily and Hannah. There all very different in there own way and i love each of them.

Sarah is quite and sweet and very smart and gets good grades all the time, she's like i was 2 years ago, i don't like quite people because there just no fun but once you meet and get to know Sarah she's the best friend you could have.

Taylore is funny and she's just a spaz but i love her for it, i could be in the worst mood and she can still make me laugh so hard. she's also smart and sweet, until you get to know her because then she'll be very sarcastic with you all the time. you can never really have a serious conversation with her.

Emily is not the person parents look at and say what great work her parents did or say to there kids " why cant you just be like Emily"? She always has a boyfriend and she doesn't dress appropriate at all, its always mini dresses or something else. Were a like in some ways.

Hannah is the mean girl in the school. I mean don't get me wrong i don't agree with her being so mean to the people in our school but i cant change the way she is. She's nice to us and some other people but get her mad she has no problem ruining your reputation or even your life.

Lets see how would my friends describe me? Well i'm nice and get good grades sometimes but i also am not the best girlfriend. Yes i cheat on my boyfriends all the time and yes my friends know and disagree with it but Emily is the least judgy about it, like i said were alike in many ways. I'm funny and somewhat quite depending on who you are but i'm also very reckless and death doesn't scare me at all.

That's me.


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