District 13 - The Time For Change

This is an entry into the 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' competition.
It's a short story following a young girl named Marlin Leonie. Marlin's mother died giving birth to her, and her father later died in a weaponry-testing accident. She is cared for by a young girl named Hanora; however the absence of Marlin's parents makes her feel lonely and isolated, and she feels a constant longing for answers and change. She's heard the rumour of an upcoming second rebellion - something she dreams to be a part of. This dream seems near impossible - that is until District 12's legendary tribute, Katniss Everdeen, shows herself at the 13th District of Panem.


3. Unexpected Guests

     It must have been about half an hour before somebody else finally entered the room. I'd been left alone to pace around with only my own thoughts for company, and I was just beginning to feel ever so slightly agitated. The man who appeared from the what-was-closed door was the same man who had zapped me with that strange little device, removing my denial of free will from my arm.
  "Miss Leonie, if you'd like to follow me. There's someone the President wishes for you to meet."

     I obeyed, and followed the man through another maze of corridors and doors. President Coin met me as I at last went through some doors which actually led to somewhere. "Now, I'd like you to be polite in the presence of our guests." She looked down at my collar in disgust and immediately started tugging at it. "Chin up. That's it. Shoulder's back."
  She fiddled some more with my collar.

     "I wish we'd got you changed first. My my."
  I rolled my eyes and left her to make more unnecessary adjustments as to the placement of my collar.

     I continued to follow the man as he led me through to a hallway, where he met the others whom were in the room before also. The 'henchmen' (as I liked to call them) - turned left and existed the room, whilst President Coin placed a firm hand on my shoulder to refrain me from leaving too. "No-no," she whispered. "You stay here."

     I wondered for a few moments why it was I was brought here, as neither the president nor the men in suits on the other side of the hall said or did anything.
  I wondered who these 'guests' were supposed to be.

     Just as I was about to open my mouth to ask what was going on, the most terrible ringing filled my ears. The ground shook. The walls quaked. It seemed all I could feel was the throbbing pulse in my chest. It felt like any second, the ticking would stop and explode like an old war bomb. I doubled over, the tremendous sound of roaring engines now accompanying the aching pound in my head.

     Moments later, another loud sound entered the mix of complete and utter chaos - the whole of one wall started to move downwards, disappearing, and in it's place, blinding, bright light stabbed at me, yet it's warm rays felt so pleasant on my skin. I'd wondered for so long what it was like to see real daylight.

     Then it became obvious as to why all of this chaotic madness was taking place. There was a gigantic, monstrous machine descending it's way further and further towards us. A hover craft.. a plane! With people! Real people, people from other districts on that plane! They must be there... Outsiders! Coming to visit us?!

      A sudden pang of panic eliminated all of my excitement in one devastating blow. The Capitol... What if it was them? What if they'd come to see us? 'Discuss' things...? No, they don't discuss. They just act on the first bloody thought that enters their head. What if they've come to kill us or kidnap us, steal our resources and break their promise of our independence?

     I must have been starting to shake with fear, as President Coin placed a hand on my back once we got to our feet again and patted it comfortingly. She leant downwards toward me and whispered, "it's alright. Everything's going to be okay now. Our faith lies with the mockingjay."

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