District 13 - The Time For Change

This is an entry into the 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' competition.
It's a short story following a young girl named Marlin Leonie. Marlin's mother died giving birth to her, and her father later died in a weaponry-testing accident. She is cared for by a young girl named Hanora; however the absence of Marlin's parents makes her feel lonely and isolated, and she feels a constant longing for answers and change. She's heard the rumour of an upcoming second rebellion - something she dreams to be a part of. This dream seems near impossible - that is until District 12's legendary tribute, Katniss Everdeen, shows herself at the 13th District of Panem.


2. Free at Long last

     "I'll tell you something. You're both incredibly brave and idiotically foolish." She strutted over to a table and poured herself a generous amount of sickly looking liquid into a crystal glass. She looked over at me again, examined my plain face and my skinny figure, then sipped at some of the grim-looking liquid. She squinted for a few seconds, set the glass down again and walked over to me.
  "Come. You must be wondering why you were sent here."

     In actual fact, I wasn't wondering at all. I knew why I was here. People who defied the laws of District 13 were severely punished. I knew this, yet change was the only thing I wanted. And I was willing to go to any extremity to show that.

     The president led me through to another equally extravagant room, although this time there were others there, three men and a woman, all dressed smartly and whom looked very important.

     "Why go to all this trouble?" I asked. "Why not just have some of your henchmen punch me there and then, or tell me I have no meals for the next week or something?"
  President Coin stared at me for a few moments, dumbfounded, then burst into a high-pitched, almost fake-sounding laughter. "My dear girl, that would be both totally barbaric and completely unreasonable."
  "Yet you do it to others don't you."
  Her eyes narrowed. Oops.

  "Not at all many," she stated coldly. "And I assure you it's certainly a last resort. You would do well to control that temper, Miss Leonie."

     I could hear the new tone of frustration in her voice, and decided to say nothing. "So," she began. "You want change, do you?"
  I realised she no longer seemed angry, and so I quickly nodded.
"Well, that's why we've brought you here. You see, Miss Leonie-"
"Marlin. Just call me Marlin."
She smiled. "Well, you see, Marlin, that is where we find ourselves with a sort of, equilibrium."
"Excuse me?" I asked dumbly. "Equil-what?"
She smiled again. "We agree on something Marlin, you and I. We believe that we are much more than this. That we are worth more. That these are not the lives we should be leading."

     Coin beckoned to one of the men standing at the side of the room, who walked over to me with a lethal-looking instrument in his hand. He raised his arm, aiming.
  "Hey, what the hell do you-"
A sharp pain ran through my arm for a split second, and then was gone. The man turned away, his unusual instrument glowing an electric blue, and returned to the same position on the wall. I looked down at my arm to see that there was no longer a schedule tattooed onto my skin.
  "What does this mean?" I asked, looking up at President Coin.

     "It means, Marlin, you're free. You're free to follow your upmost desire. And if that desire is change, then we can help you to fulfil it."

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