Winter Wonderland

Picture the perfect Christmas; white falling snow and a huge tree decorated perfectly.
Nope. This time, seventeen year old Amanda Peterson and her family are spending two weeks in beautiful Hawaii for Christmas break.
And... Amanda meets someone special...


9. Joshua's Point Of View.

I sighed and sat down on the foot of my bed. I pulled my guitar out and strummed a chords.

Taking a glance out towards Amanda's house, I saw her sitting in a hammock reading.

I smiled and plugged my guitar into an amp. Now... what kind of music would Amanda like? One Direction? Justin Beiber? Katy Perry? Ke$ha?

I played Brad Paisley's 'Some Mistakes'. Amanda looked up surprised, searching the sky for the answer to the mysterious music.

She looked over to me ad smiled as she burst out laughing.

I smiled back and waved her over. She nodded and came over with a huge smile.

"I didn't know you could play." She told me.

"Never came up." I replied.

"What never came up?"

"Music, guitars, ukes, stuff like that."

"What's a uke?"

"Abbreviation for ukulele."



We both stood kind of awkwardly in my room, Amanda looked around at the mess that was my room.

"Can you play anything else?" She asked me.

"Like what?"

"Um... how about... Lana del Ray?"

"I know 'Young and Beautiful'."

"That's perfect!" Amanda exclaimed happily. She took a seat on the floor and smiled up at me. I started to play and I could hear her softly hum along, her voice grew until she was belting out the words so beautifully. I noticed her eyes were closed as she concentrated on the words.

"Dear Lord, when I get to Heaven, please let me bring my man. When he comes tell me that You'll let him in, Father tell me if You can..."

I stopped playing and sat down I front of her.

Amanda's eyes flickered open and she smiled.

I smiled too, then leaned in and kissed her.

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