Winter Wonderland

Picture the perfect Christmas; white falling snow and a huge tree decorated perfectly.
Nope. This time, seventeen year old Amanda Peterson and her family are spending two weeks in beautiful Hawaii for Christmas break.
And... Amanda meets someone special...


2. Amanda's Point Of View.

I sat on my bed, lying on my stomach and feet in the air, as I braided a lock of my hair.


"Yes mom?" I called. Living in an updated attic has a disadvantage, I could rarely ever hear my parents. So, we improvise.

The two-way old fashioned phone rang. It was only connected to the two others in my house, and was more convenient than screaming through a two (counting my room, three) story house.

I picked up the phone and answered, "Hello?"

"Amanda, come downstairs, please. Your father and I want to talk to you." My mom said happily.

I smiled and said okay before hanging up and heading downstairs.

My parents were seated around our kitchen table talking and hovered around a pile of papers.

"What's up?" I asked. I brushed a strand of hair off my shoulder and smiled brightly.

I was more than happy today, because I was just released from school and now officially on Christmas Break.

My dad looked over at me and smiled.

"We're going to Hawaii!" My mom said.

My face fell, I had planned for a friend from Los Angeles to come up after Christmas and stay for a week at the most.

My parents saw this, and frowned too.

"Amanda, before you say anything, we called Chrissy's parents and talked to them. She's staying at home and spending her break with her family." My dad informed me.

I took in a deep breath and nodded. I'd call Christina, my best friend for so many years I'd forgotten, and talk to her later.

"When are we going?" I asked.

"Tomorrow!" My mom said brightly.

I nodded and finally a smile spread over my face. I ran up to my room and started packing.

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