delinquents in love

punk louis


1. delinquents in love


"Mom,stop!"I yelled as she fixes my hair and dress in the restront's bathroom. 

"(A/n)! We have to make sure you look presentable for Drake!" She yelled back. 

"Fuck Drake! You know I love louis," My mother gave me a look of disgust. 

"Watch your mouth, young lady!" She said sternly, before dragging me out of the bathroom. As we got to the table, with my father and that dumb ass blonde known as Drake, I mentally started gagging. .

"Are you enjoying your date?" My father queried. 

"Yes! I'm so enjoying being on a date with this fucking prick!" I spat sarcastically. 

"Excuses me?" My father double tacked, chocking on his food. 

"You guys are just trying to set me up with this prick, because you want me to forget about louis! Which may I say isn't working because right now I'm thinking about him bending me over and-" I got cut off by my father standing up and screaming, 

"Now that's enough!" His face turning red with anger. 

"I don't think it is," whispered a husky voice in my ear. "Tell me what else I do to you," he said raking his teeth on my ear lobe. 

"Louis!"my father boomed, pointing a finger at him he spoke."I told you to never come close to my daughter ever agin!" His body shaking with anger. 

"Don't worry pops," louis spoke, standing straight up. He raised his hands in surrender. "I'm just gonna borrow her for a bit, I'll bring her back just as she is, well...not quite. She probably won't be able to walk straight, if she'll be able to at all," he said flashing me a smirk,"and her voice will be hoarse, I make it my job to hear her scream." He winked. 

"I'll call the police, get the hell away from us!" It looked as though my father was going into a murder stance. While louis just stood there looking amused. 

"Last time I checked, (a/n)? here is 18. She can legally live with me." Tangling his fingers in my hair he said," her 
warm naked body can lay in my bed forever." He ended by looking at Drake. "Ha," he laughed. "You honestly think he can handle (a/n) in bed?" He chuckled agin. "She's dirtier then me," 

And with that I stood up from my chair and grabbed louis hand, that was in my hair. Smiling at him I whispered,"you know it," my family gasped, "bey mom." I waved. Louis and my fingers interlocked as we walked out of the restrant.

A/n hi! Anyone want part two? And tell me what you think! Love ya!

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