As It Began

When Snape is sent to deliver Harry's Hogwarts letter on his 11th birthday, will he still be able to hate Harry after meeting the Dursleys? Harry is a first year at Hogwarts. HP & SS No slash!


26. Chapter 26

    Harry circled the field, relishing the soft summer air on his face. He had used a special tinting spell on his glasses to keep the sun out of his eyes; it worked like a charm. For the final match of the season, the Gryffindor team was definitely feeling the pressure to win. From what Harry had heard, the Hufflepuff team was a challenge in a different way than Slytherin had been. Their values being qualities such as dedication, hard work, and tolerance, they trained hard and were thus rather good. Where cheating had been a concern with Slytherin, Harry hoped that the Hufflepuff value of fair play would work to Gryffindor’s advantage.

    Harry lapped the field, noting the score of 10 to 40, Gryffindor. He grinned wryly thinking that despite their training, Gryffindor had better players. Or maybe he was just biased. Either way, he kept his eyes peeled for the Snitch, knowing that if he caught it while they were 70 points ahead, Gryffindor would win the cup. Within the next few minutes, the score had climbed to 10 to 60. Harry realized that the Weasley twins had taken out a few of the Hufflepuff players with temporarily incapacitating injuries. Unfortunately, the Seeker was alive and well and currently darting around Harry as if toying with him. For the most part, Harry ignored the yellow and black clad boy in favor of searching for the Golden Snitch. 

    Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw the other Seeker dart away. He cursed, hoping that this would not be a repeat of the ending to the Slytherin game. He sped to catch up with the Hufflepuff. He was feet behind him when Harry saw the Snitch for himself. He pushed his Nimbus 2000 faster and came up level with the older student. Harry bumped into him lightly, by accident. It was not taken as such by the Hufflepuff, however; Harry received a sharp elbow in the ribs which made his eyes water. What the other Seeker did not expect was for it to cause Harry to try even harder in his fervor to get even through winning.  Harry stretched his fingertips and brushed the Snitch. The Hufflepuff’s arm was longer, so even though he was behind Harry, their hands were almost parallel. With one last desperate lurch, Harry grabbed the struggling golden ball. A whistle blew and the game was over. 

    Harry glanced at the score. During his struggle, the Hufflepuffs had scored a few goals. The final score was 40 to 230, Gryffindor. Harry sighed. This put them 20 points behind Slytherin who would now win the Quidditch cup. He imagined Severus’s smug face and berated himself. He flew over to join his team.

    “Sorry guys, I had to catch it. The other Seeker was right beside me,” Harry said, resigned.

    “It’s alright, we may still win the house cup,” Angelina said encouragingly.

    “Eh, after this we should still be down a good 90 points,” Fred said sadly.

    “It’s amazing how smart  he can be when it comes to stuff like this,” Alicia grumbled.

    “I just hate to see the Slytherins win again,” Wood said, clearly disappointed.

    “Sorry,” Harry repeated. 

    “Harry, will you stop apologizing? It’s not your fault,” Angelina snapped. “Sorry.”

    Harry gave a halfhearted grin at the irony. 

    “Come on guys, its still a Gryffindor win, George and I will snatch some food and meet you in the common room,” Fred said.

    Everyone agreed and departed. Harry found Draco waiting to walk up to the castle with him.

    “Don’t look so smug,” Harry advised.

    “Sorry,” Draco said without changing his expression. “I can’t wait for next year so I can try out.”

    “We’ll still beat you even if you’re on the team,” Harry said arrogantly. 

    “Yeah like you beat Slytherin this year?” Draco teased.

    Harry spoke dismissively, “That was a fluke.”

    “Yeah, ok,” Draco responded, following Harry to the Gryffindor common room.

    “You want to come in and have some food?” Harry offered.

    “Er, is that even allowed?”
    “I’m essentially an honorary Slytherin now, why can’t you be an honorary Gryffindor?” Harry suggested genuinely.

    “Um, okay.” Draco hesitated before stepping through the portrait hole.

    The room silenced at his arrival.

    “What’s a Slytherin doing in here?” someone called from the back of the room.    

    “I invited him,” Harry said boldly. “Problem?”

    There was silence. After a few moments, conversations started up again and the atmosphere returned to normal. Harry spied three of the Weasleys huddled in the corner looking standoffish.

    “Go grab some food and find Ron and Hermione, okay?” Harry instructed.

    “Alright,” Draco agreed.

    Harry headed over to the trio, nonchalantly trying to hear what they were saying. 

    “What’d you talk to her for?” Fred demanded angrily.

    Percy mumbled something unintelligible. 

    “What was that?” George asked roughly.

    “She said that she had connections at the Ministry. Could get me a job right out of Hogwarts,” Percy said just barely loud enough for Harry to hear.

    “So you intentionally slam Harry and Snape’s new arrangement for a job connection?” Fred said incredulously. The idea of wanting to work was foreign to him.

    “Come on, you really think Harry chose this?” Percy asked.

    Harry ducked into a corner and hunched over as Percy glanced around surreptitiously.

    “We believe him, why won’t you? Harry is practically family,” George said, “don’t ruin this for him.”

    “Yeah, I don’t think you want him as an enemy,” Fred warned.

    “I wouldn’t expect you slackers to understand,” Percy said condescendingly. “I actually want to do something with my life.”

    At this, Harry decided to leave before he was noticed. He slipped away, grabbed a pumpkin juice and sat down with Neville, Ron, Hermione and Draco.

    “Hey there, Harry,” Hermione said brightly, as was her prerogative.

    “Hi,” he said normally and fell into the rhythm of conversation.

    The next to last night in Gryffindor tower passed without further event, though an air of sadness hung in the air. He reminisced, thinking of the first time he had step foot in his dorms and stared with such bright interest at the embroidered curtains and soft sheets. Harry smiled as he climbed into bed. He was simultaneously sad and excited to be moving on. After all, he would be back next year. The summer would be new and hopefully interesting. Harry fell asleep imagining what he could do with his free time...






    Harry and his friends eagerly took their seats for the end of term feast after spending a lazy day simply enjoying each other’s company. Harry waited in anticipation for food to appear on the silver plates in front of him. Though the every day Hogwarts fare was very good, feasts entered a whole new field. Harry would swear that the food is charmed so that you can eat triple your normal stomach capacity. This was completely fine with Harry, and Ron for that matter. In addition to the excessive amounts, the food was fantastic. Harry’s mouth began to water simply thinking of it. 

    Chatter filled the hall while the students waited for the food. The Great Hall was decorated with green and silver in honor of the Slytherin house who had apparently won the House cup. Harry sighed, hoping that it would have been Gryffindor. Silence descended on the hall as Dumbledore stepped up to the podium.

    “Ah, another interesting year at Hogwarts!” The Headmaster said fondly. “I’m sure you all know of the events of which I speak.”

    A murmur spread through the hall. 

    “Yes, yes, rather abnormal, even for Hogwarts. Even so, Hogwarts may not even be here if it were not for the bravery of a few students. Therefore, I have a few last minute points to award.”

    All eyes snapped to Dumbledore, most bright with interest with the exception of the glaring Slytherins.

    “First, to Ronald Weasley for an exceptionally well played game of chess,” he said with a smile, “I award 50 points.”

    Fred and George gave a hoot, “For the rest of the day, he is our brother!”

    Ron grinned wildly.

    “Next, for Miss Hermione Granger,” Dumbledore began again, “for keeping a cool head in the face of pressure and for proving the mastery of her Charms, 50 points.”

    Hermione’s grin matched Ron’s. 

    “Now, to Harry Potter, for having the bravery to stand true in the face of evil and thus protect the instrument that could have facilitated the return of Voldemort. I award to him 50 points.”

    Harry’s spirits soared; they were now well in the lead!

    “Finally, I award 50 points to Draco Malfoy for calm use of logic despite the pressuring situation,” Dumbledore said as clapping rang through the hall. He held up a hand. “I also believe that another reward is in order. For having the courage to stand up to those of his own house in favor of tearing down the divisions between Slytherin and Gryffindor, Draco has shown true bravery. Therefore, I make the offer, should he choose to accept it, of a house change. This is unprecedented, but I do believe it is appropriate.”

    All eyes turned to Draco at the Gryffindor table. He grinned wryly. 

    “It’s not a difficult choice,” Draco said loudly, though the silence in the hall was so complete that everyone could hear him. “Thank you, Headmaster. I accept.”

    Clapping started slowly with the Gryffindor table then spread through the Hall, stopping before the Slytherin table. They looked vicious. 

    “Very well,” Dumbledore said. “I do believe that a change of decoration is in order.”

    With a wave of his wand, the banners turned to bear the Gryffindor colors of red and gold. Food appeared in heaping piles and everyone helped themselves. Harry was scooping potatoes onto his plate when he heard Draco groan.

    “What’s wrong?” Harry asked. “You’re a Gryffindor now, that’s great!”
    “But what’s my father going to say?” he asked, worried.

    “Oh. Uh, good luck with that,” Harry said unhelpfully. He really had no idea how to assist.

    “Thanks,” Draco said sarcastically, but seemed to force it from his mind in favor of spending the last dinner in high spirits.

    By the time the desserts had appeared and been devoured, Harry felt as if he would have to be levitated back up to the common room. He groaned and rubbed his stomach. After a physical struggle, Harry collapsed into bed and was instantly out. Harry did not even notice that another bed had been added to the dorm room and that Draco’s things had been moved to accompany it. He was simply too tired and full to take note.






    The Hogwarts Express was set to leave at noon. Harry woke early and began packing his trunk with a strange attention to organization. He unpacked and repacked several times before realizing that he was simply stalling. Harry was hesitant to leave Hogwarts, for he did not know where Snape would take him. For instance, did the dark reclusive Potions Professor have a house or did he live at Hogwarts all summer? Perhaps Harry should not even be packing. With this thought lodged in his mind, Harry went down to the dungeons to ask what he should do. 

    “Do you have a house?” Harry asked bluntly after greeting his guardian.

    “Yes, as it happens, I do,” Severus replied. “Though I will not be taking the Hogwarts Express obviously,” he said with a sneer.

    Harry’s brow furrowed. “So I should pack but not leave with the others?”

    “I assume that you would like to spend these last hours with your friends on the train?” Severus asked.

    “Well, yes, but not if it causes a problem,” Harry admitted.

    “I will Floo Mrs. Weasley and see if you cannot go to the Burrow until I come to pick you up later tonight. Is that agreeable?”

    “Yes!” Harry said eagerly. 

    “Alright. Anything else that you need?” Snape asked.

    “No,” Harry said after a moment of thought. “Was it your idea to have Draco move houses?”

    Severus’s gaze scrutinized Harry. He inclined his head slightly. “It was. I could see that the situation was not working and this seemed the best remedy.”

    “What about Mr. Malfoy?” Harry asked. “Draco seemed worried about his reaction.”

    “In all honesty, he should be,” Severus replied. “He will not be happy about this change, yet I expect that Draco realized this before he agreed. I will do my best to protect him, but I have exposed myself as a traitor to the Dark Lord and therefore to his supporters.”

    “Oh,” Harry said. “Will he be okay?”

    “Of that I am sure. He is a resilient child,” Severus replied.

    Harry’s fears had far from abated, but he felt a little better. “Okay, see you at the Burrow, Severus.”

    “Goodbye, Harry.”






    After Harry’s departure, Severus began to take care of some last minute business. He pulled open a desk drawer after unlocking it with a charm. From inside, he drew out a locket. He studied the filigree “S” engraved on the front for the hundredth time before deciding that he should tell Dumbledore about it. Severus had held off until this point thinking that it was an ordinary shielding amulet and that he could discover what it was imbued with. All of his diagnostic spells came up as cursed but nothing else. He could not, however, no matter the method, discern what was so cursed about the object. He had tried to open it, but to no avail. At length, he decided that Dumbledore could waste his time with the object, for he had had enough. 

    Severus stepped over to the Floo and called for Dumbledore’s office. He stepped through to meet the Headmaster and handed over the piece of jewelry, having no knowledge of the magnitude of the situation, nor its eventual effects on his newly constructed family. He returned to his office and continued packing in peace.




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