Forever And a Day..

I'm searching for so long now, I don't even know how to get to the exit and my phone battery is dead ughhh just what I needed now I can't call anyone to pick me up. I just want to burst into tears right now, I'm tired cold and hungry, I just want to go home..

what happens when you "accidentally'' get locked up in school with...."him", The biggest jerk you've ever met..


3. New friends..

a few days later


Jasmine  *POV*


Its a few days later now, I'm getting to like this school i made some friends, named Chaz and Ryan  yeah I KNOW, there both guys, but the girls at this school are all barbie dolls with no brains, and all they talk about is about how hot Justin is

and there sooo jealous of me, just because Justin is trying to flirt with me,   but they don't even have to worry, I will never willingly have a conversation whit that..that.. thing. i will never like him he is a jerk an asshole and another list of things. ugh.. i HATE him!

I'm glad i have my new friends,  I'm having allot of fun with Chaz and Ryan, Chaz has brown eyes and dark blond hair hes is really cute, Ryan has blond hear to, and beautiful blue eyes where you just drown in.

The only thing I don't like about them, is that they are friends with Justin too and they are teasing me allot about how i and Justin would make a cute couple

but just to be clear i like them allot, but just as friends.


Justin's  *POV*


the past few days, I'm made a plan to get jasmine back, Chaz an Ryan are going to help me.

The day has come that I'm getting jasmine back for embarrassing me, and not wanting me ! haha i cant wait to see the look on her face!!



Jasmine  *POV*


I'm having English now and Justin is really exited and cheerful I'm wondering why hes so happy,  I hope he  found a girlfriend or something, so he can finally, leave me alone.. 



lunch break


Chaz and Ryan are acting really nervous and tired

they probably are on there period, hihi I'm so funny.

Chaz has asked me if i could help him with his math homework after school, Ryan is staying to, not that I'm good at math but Im better then them so I said okay...



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