Forever And a Day..

I'm searching for so long now, I don't even know how to get to the exit and my phone battery is dead ughhh just what I needed now I can't call anyone to pick me up. I just want to burst into tears right now, I'm tired cold and hungry, I just want to go home..

what happens when you "accidentally'' get locked up in school with...."him", The biggest jerk you've ever met..


4. Justin

Jasmines * POV *


it is the last school hour and Justin had to sit in front of me. he looks every five minutes behind him, I've had enough!

if he looks again I'll say something , but I don't want him to stop looking.

those beautiful eyes of him wow ....   omg what is wrong with me? STOP jasmine there is nothing good about him, he'll break your heart like all of them did ...
ugh is he seriously looking again!

jasmine: do I have something on my face!?!?
justin: nope (popping the p) nothing but beauty, he says as he winks

jasmine: stop you're not funny.* blushing*

Justin : haha Im just telling you the truth babe! no need to blush sweetie!

jasmine: I'm not blushing!! and I'm certainly not you're babe and that is never going to change...just please leave me alone !  I don't want him to leave me alone, my heart melted when he called me babe. But that is the problem, i don't want to fall for him.. because I know he will never love me, he will just break my heart and move on to the next one..



Justin s *POV* 


why is she looking so sad, did I do something wrong I'm just giving her compliments right?

maybe she had a bad day, but if I ask her about it shell just think I'm annoying.. she already think so but whatever..


Jasmines *POV*


It's after school, I'm listening  some music, when I was you're man by Bruno mars.

this song makes me so sad, but in a good way. that sounds really weird but whatever..
Chaz and Ryan are nowhere to be seen, I would help them with math but they are late . oh wait I see a door open .. there they are finally . but wait.. that's not Chaz or Ryan ugh .. it is Justin seriously what is he doing here, it's after school hours, it's Friday doesn't he have a party or some chick to go to?







let me now what you think about the story ! ;)



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