12 Days of Imagines

Seeing as though there is a song called '12 Days of Christmas' I decided to make a selection of imagines for any fandom... for 12 days. Choose whichever fandom you want... even The Wanted... and I will create an Imagine for you :) I'm only making 12 :)


10. 9th December!

For: methebestdirectioner

Fandom: One Direction

With: Harry Styles

Topic: Harry cheated on you

Harry had been away on tour for almost 2 months with his band mates and you couldn't wait for him to arrive home so you could spend time with him. You had prepared a home-cooked meal for him and you had run a hot bubble bath for you both to share.

You were expecting him to arrive at 8pm but he was half an hour late and didn't come home until 8:30pm. He walked through the door looking tired and stressed out... almost like he'd been crying.

"I've missed you so much!" you shouted, hugging him.

"I've missed you more." he replied.

You let go of him and took him into the kitchen. You covered his eyes and sat him down at the seat.

"Open your eyes!" you told him.

He opened them and looked at the food on his plate. He gave out a little smile and looked at you.

"It's... thank you." he said.

"You don't seem to excited to see me Haz?" you asked.

"No... no I am. It's just... I have something to tell you."

He knelt down beside you and you looked at him worried.

"What is it Haz?" you asked.

"Okay... don't get angry with me... and don't freak out but..."

"What?!" you shouted.

"While I was away on tour... I met this girl... Amy." he told you.

You could feel the tears in your eyes and you stood up. He held your arms and stood in front of you.

"It was only a one time thing... and it was over within a second."

"What did you do Harry?" you asked, about to cry.

"I kissed her... and kind of... slept with her... just once!" 

You shoved past him and walked into the living room. He chased after you and pulled you towards him. You pulled away.

"Don't touch me! Just... just get out! Get out!" you shouted.

"Babe... please! It was a mistake!" he cried.

"Out now Harry!!" you demanded.

You shoved him out of the door and you slammed it behind him. You fell to the floor with tears flooding your eyes as Harry shouted outside. You could hear him swearing and kicking the wall. You were devastated and angry with the fact that he had been with another girl.

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