12 Days of Imagines

Seeing as though there is a song called '12 Days of Christmas' I decided to make a selection of imagines for any fandom... for 12 days. Choose whichever fandom you want... even The Wanted... and I will create an Imagine for you :) I'm only making 12 :)


6. 5th December!

For: Quasia

Fandom: One Direction

With: Niall Horan

Topic: One Direction Concert

You were Niall's best friend and he was expecting you to turn up to one of the bands concerts in your home town. You were suppose to be there at 8pm but you were 15 minutes late.

As they were singing, it was coming up to Niall's solo and he refused to sing if you weren't there. You rushed through the doors and noticed something was wrong. The whole arena had gone silent and the minute you ran through the doors, everyone turned to look at you and Niall had a huge grin on his face.

He grabbed his microphone and blasted out his solo. You sat in your seat and joined in with everyone else screaming. They sang all your favourite songs and before they sang the last song, Niall had a speech.

"Right! I just want all you guys in the crowd tonight... to know that this song goes out to a very special lady I have in my life. She means the world to me and I want to send her a special message. This one's for you Quasia!"

They started singing Little Things and you began crying. It reminded you off all the times you felt insecure about your body and how many times Niall had been there for you. You sang along with the song and when they finished, they all went backstage and you walked out of the arena. Before you could leave the doors, Niall called you over to the stage and it was just you and Niall left in the huge room.

"I'm glad you turned up, I didn't think you were coming." he told you.

"Anything for you Nialler." you replied.

"You've been crying." he noticed, wiping your eyes.

"Yeah. Your last song really hit me."

"I'll always be here to wipe away the tears."

"I'll always be here to wipe away your tears." you replied.

"I know you will. That's why I love you so much."

You were shocked.

"You what?" you asked.

"I love you Quasia."

He kissed you romantically and you fluttered your eyes.

"I love you too Niall." you kissed once more and he took you backstage to introduce his new girlfriend to his band mates. 


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