12 Days of Imagines

Seeing as though there is a song called '12 Days of Christmas' I decided to make a selection of imagines for any fandom... for 12 days. Choose whichever fandom you want... even The Wanted... and I will create an Imagine for you :) I'm only making 12 :)


5. 4th December!

For: Denisse

Fandom: One Direction

With: Liam Payne

Topic: First Date

First day back at school and you were already bored out of your mind. Your friends had ditched you to go on holiday with their families and they weren't going to be back until next week, so you had to hang around with yourself for the time being.

You walked into Science class and saw that there was a new kid sat in your seat. You walked over to him and stood next to him.

"Excuse me, you're sat in my seat." you told me.

He turned to look at you and his brown eyes twinkled as he stared into your brown eyes.

"Oh, sorry darling. Must be this seat." he moved over to the seat next to yours and you sat down.

Butterflies swam in your stomach as you fiddled with your fingers. You were so nervous... you had never been good with talking to boys before... especially boys you'd never met before. You stared at his face as he concentrated on his work.

"I don't usually like to be stared at but I'll let you off. I'm Liam." he told you.

"I'm... I'm... urm... Denisse." you stuttered.

"Nice to meet you sugar." he replied.

"So... you new?" you asked.

"Yeah, just moved here with my family."

"Nice one. Anyone showed you around the city yet?"

"No. I'd like to see the sights though." he told you.

You spent the rest of the lesson getting to know each other and when the bell rang he walked you out of the classroom and over to your locker.

"You free tonight?" he asked you.

"Yeah why?"

"Will you do me the honour of being my personal tour guide?"

"I sure will." you replied.

"Great! I'll pick you up at eight." he said, taking your phone out of your pocket and dialling in his number.

Eight was a really unusual time for a tour of a huge city... and then you realised... he had just asked you out on a date!

You prepared yourself for Liam and wore your black jeans with converse and a hipster t-shirt. You left your hair down and curled it a little and put on a little bit of mascara. Liam picked you up at eight at you walked round the whole city.

When you were walking through the park, Liam held your hand and pulled you close to him. You clung to his arm as you walked and he looked down at you.

"You're so pretty." he told you.

"We're meant to be looking at the sights Liam." you replied, blushing.

"I am. It's a beautiful, small, clumsy looking building." he kissed your lips softly and you fluttered your eyes.

"I've never seen that one."

"You should look more often." he said, before kissing you again.

Your cheeks turned red as you closed your eyes and Liam began playing with the ends of your hair that hung on your shoulders. He pulled away and looked at you.

"Be my girlfriend?" he asked.

You slightly nodded and he kissed you once more before continuing the date.



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