Nialls same mistakes

He doesn't know why but niall can't stop crawling back to
Alex until he meets one special girl named Madison who turns
His whole world around.


5. The problem

  *Madison's pov*

 Ahhhh oh my fucking god these contractions fucking hurt. Greg and Niall's mum are finally here and I feel kinda ashamed of my self with them here. My mum and dad are here to. I can't wait to get these things out of me. The doctor said we'll start pushing in an hour. I'm so nervous. 

(1 hour later)

 Ahhhh the baby's are coming out and the doctor said for the second baby when we get to her I will have to have a c section. I'm so scared is she gonna die or live? 

(10 minutes later)

 The first baby came out and the doctors are about to take me to the surgical room to give birth to the second baby. The first baby's name is Alex Jane Horan. She looks just like Niall I couldn't be happier that she's out. 

  (6 minutes later)

 The second baby is out and I'm all done and her name isElisabeth Jane Horan. She looks more like me. Elisabeth has a leukemia. Niall is in tears and he couldn't be happier but he is also terribly sad about Elisabeth. I can't believe that my two angels are in this world. 

 *Niall's pov*

 I knew I shouldn't have made this mistake with Madison. Now Elisabeth has leukemia and I have two children and I'm not even married. But I am happy that I have two beautiful girls.  




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