Nialls same mistakes

He doesn't know why but niall can't stop crawling back to
Alex until he meets one special girl named Madison who turns
His whole world around.


2. Nialls biggest mistake

 *Madisons pov*

 Niall asked if he could come over its been two weeks since we started dating. I wonder if is ready to take it all the way to. Niall is at the door mabeye I'll ask him if he's ready to. Hey babe how's your mum doing?Niall said. She's fine how about yours? Fine. So Niall I need to ask you a serious question. What's up? I'm ready to take are relationship to the next level and I want to know if you ar- wait wait wait are you asking me if I want to have sex with you?well yeah why? If you didn't know I'm a virgin and I plan on keeping it that way. We'll fine will you at least go to this party with me it starts in 5 minutes. Fine. 

  *Niall's pov*

 Madison just asked me if I wanted to have sex with her. Now she is taking me to a party probably to try to get me drunk and have sex with her. I hope I can stay strong. 

 *5 minutes later*

Come on Niall why not I mean you said it yourself I'm beautiful why can't we make beautiful baby's together 

*10 minutes later* 

 (Niall's drunk)

Ok I'm ready to make a baby with you Madison I really do love you.

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