Nialls same mistakes

He doesn't know why but niall can't stop crawling back to
Alex until he meets one special girl named Madison who turns
His whole world around.


6. Elisabeth is gone

  *Niall's pov*

 It's Elisabeth and Alex's birthday and the doctor said that Elisabeth has two days tops to live and I'm terribly sad. I hope Madison is ok about Elisabeth. 

  (2 days left)

 •Niall sobs• 

 I can't believe my baby girl is dead what am I gong to do? I wish I had more than 1 year and 2 days with her like I did. •sobs• what did I do wrong •in tears• what am I going to tell mum and Greg? 

  *Greg's pov*

 Niall is upset about Elisabeth the whole family is. Niall is also sad that he broke his biggest belief that you should wait to have sex until your married and now he has 1daughter alive,1daughter dead,and he's still not married. 

  *Alex's pov* (Alex Niall's ex girlfriend)

 Niall I think we should get back together. Well Alex I'm living with Madison and we're getting married in 1 year I'm sorry.  


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