Twister and Jake



1. The Outbreak

The moon is high up in the sky, I can see it from my jail window.

Outside It's smells like the spring is coming,

it have been years when I last saw a flower... Or even smelled one. I miss the outside.

I've been here at this place for years now....

I even remamber when they first tooked me....

I and Jake was outside with a patrol when we found some stranges paw prints in Our territorium. I, Jake and Dusk followed them, but what we didn't know that is was a trap....

They where everywhere, we had no chance....

We all know that they was after me... Becuse of the wings... Dusk told Jake to run, so did he, that was the last time i saw him, i thought that Dusk was about to tell me to fly away but insted, he attacked me, so i coulden't fly away. And i reamambered what he said.

"Stay away from my son, your beast!"

And then they tooked me.

From that day one I have lived here, and I don't know if i ever will be free.

For three months ago they tooked my leaft wing from me, that is what they do. They takes your wing from you.

It's hard to survive without wings, for a winged wolf, as I am. But I can't give up yet, no! Now when i know that Dusk is the traitor, i need to warn Jake about it.

I've been studing the guards, when they unlock My cage, and how they take turns, guarding.

But I don't know why they haven't killed me yet... Is it something they need? It's soon time.... Time for me to leave this place!

I have tried before to escape but I've always failed somehow.... So for my new escape plan, I'll do what they never thought I would do.

Two days have past, and I haven't even touched My food, i hear what they say when they are passing by My cage. Stuff like he is gonna die, he dosen't gonna live any longer.

They have been Trying to force me to eat but they have failed. They tooked me into one of theirs lab, to feed me, and when they did, i attacked, I pushed the two guards away from me, and rushed to the opening, i was so near if, freedom, i opened the front door with one big tackel, and i ran.

I didn't even think about turning around to see if they where following me.

I came really far away from them, i stopped near a lake, and began to swim. But all the Sudden, i remambered, i have't eat anyrhing for two days, so i pasted out.... And began to sink.

I thought that i would die, and never be abel to tell Jake about Dusk. But then I saw a shadow.

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