Between Crown And Heart - Book 2

Before Galaxy Charmé arrives back at Hogwarts to attend her fifth year, already bad things had happened.
Dementors showed up in her street and tried to kill her and her sister.
She tries to defend themselves and uses spells in front of a muggle, her sister, which gets Galaxy into trouble with the ministry.
In addition, Harry starts behaving strange. He's more angry and annoyed by his friends.
Her crush on Snape is already known by everyone and still yet she can't confess her feelings. Instead she does a very stupid mistake which causes distance between her and Snape.
Additionally, a new professor turns Hogwarts into hell and teaches her that her feelings towards a much older man is inappropriate and is not tolerated by her.
This and the unrolling of her true task, which is not rescuing the world as told by everyone, causes her to join Dumbledore's Army.
Most importantly, she discovers what an evil and disgusting system the Ladyhood is and how close this makes her to Voldemort.


3. 2 - Get Out Of My House

"My Lady." A distant and very peaceful voice called.

Slowly, I opened my eyes and made out a brighter darkness than before.

The streetlights were working again and the clouds were gone too.

I sat up. I was half straddled over my sister and half over the path of tar.

I looked around and saw a hooded figure again but this time I knew it was my guardian.

"What was that?" I whispered and remembered fearful what happened.

"Dementors. They are sucking every happiness out of your body and make you remember your worst memory in your life. They are able to suck one's life out too." She explained matter-of-factly.

"They are guarding Azkaban, right? I heard that. But what were they doing here?! In a muggle city?"

"Yes, they do or rather, they did guard Azkaban." I looked at her anxiously.

"What do you mean?"

"He recruited them." She made a pause.

"All his followers are out of Azkaban."

All my blood vanished from my face, arms and legs into my stomach. Too much blood down there doesn't feel right.

"He started then?" I said barely. Fearing Voldemort might appear from the woods or something.

"Yes, he did. Indeed. But not with Azkaban. He has only the dementors on his side, his followers will be soon released and joining him again." She said.

"That's why they attacked me and-" Suddenly I remembered Sonja and turned around to her beside me on the cold road.

"Sonja!" I called.

"Sonja! Wake up!" I shook her desperately.

She opened her eyes at once and started murmuring something.

"You're alive!" I exclaimed relieved.

"Look at me! You're not dead!" I said happily.

Sonja looked at me but looked through me. She behaved as if she was in an other world.

A fearful feeling rose inside me.

"What's wrong with her?" I asked my guardian.

"She needs to see a doctor and then she has to rest. The dementors have a stronger effect on muggles. Your sister, my lady, has temporary lost her mind."

"N-No... she can't!"

I shook my sister and asked while tears formed in my eyes.

"You know who I am, Sonja? Don't you?" But she kept on looking distantly and whispering something to herself.

"My Lady, you need to go home. You have to stay there. No matter what will happen. Stay there the next few hours. And don't write any letters!" I was still occupied by my sister and listened to my guardian half-heartedly.

"Stand up! You have to go before they come back."

With that I stood up, heaved my sister over my shoulder and started walking home. Fearing they would come back and get me and my sister. And this time they would succeed in killing us.

Sonja couldn't remember me but she could remember walking and that was at that moment very helpful.

We three just arrived home when my guardian stopped.

"Take her to the hospital but don't leave the house! Not you!

I will take care of your mother and sister, my lady, I will guard them on their way to the hospital.

But you will have to stay at home and don't write any letters, to none!

There will arrive a letter from the ministry soon. Accept it. The remaining things will be explained to you in a couple of hours. Just stay in this building. It is guarded by strong charms. Nothing will happen to you in there.

Just go inside and tell your mother, my lady, that your sister collapsed on the way home and she needs to see a doctor. And you, my lady, will stay at home to be prepared when your sister comes home."

My guardian instructed me orders which I tried to remember as best as I could. But one thing made me confused... Why should I get a letter from the ministry?

I was too feared and confused and my sister just got heavier and heavier it was soon impossible to hold her anymore.

"Right." I said finally. I walked up the doorway to the front door and ringed the doorbell with great afford.

My mom opened and her face changed from relaxed and happy to tensed and worried.

"W-What happened?" She asked the most obvious question.

"She collapsed on our way back. You need to take her to the hospital. She's changed since she blurred out." My mom took Sonja and started directing her towards our car.

"Bring me my coat and the keys!" My mom said panic struck.

I ran in, grabbed her coat and the car and house keys and passed them mom. She was already in the car and took the things from my hand to throw it on the passengers seat expect the car keys.

"I stay at home to be prepared when you come back! Call me when you get some news." I shouted while mom turned the engine on and took off in the direction of the nearest hospital.

"Guardian! Keep close to them and don't let anything happen to them!" I thought.

"I will, My Lady but now you have to go back in the house and lock every door and window. Turn off every light in your house and go hide yourself in the house!" She said back and I obeyed.

As I was shutting down the last window an owl flew in. It dropped a letter on the table and turned around and left. I quickly closed the window and pulled the curtains shut.

My hand was just about to take the letter when the letter floated up and stopped in the hight of my eyes.

The envelope popped open and formed some lips. It pursed them and a female voice came out of the letter.

"Dear Ms. Charmé,

the Ministry has received intelligence that at seventeen minutes past eleven this evening you performed the Expelliamus Charm and the Stupify Charm in the presence of a Muggle.

As a clear violation of the Section 13 of the International Confederation of Warlocks' Statue of Secrecy, you are hereby expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

To prevent further law breaking and to resolve on destroying your wand, your presence is required at a disciplinary hearing at the Ministry of Magic at 9 a.m. on the twelfth of August.

Hoping you are well,

Yours sincerely,

Mafalda Hopkirk,

Improper Use of Magic Office,

Ministry of Magic"

After reading the letter for the fifth time I was still shocked as at the very first time reading it.

"Expelled from school?! Hearing?! Destroying my wand?!" I thought fearful.

"I didn't break the law, did I? It was only unsuccessful self defense! They would understand it if I simply say that. I mean, it's the same here, in the muggle world. As long as it is self defense everything is alright. There can't be huge differences in the principles of the magical law and the muggle law." I tried to think reasonable and calm myself but it didn't work.

I was glued to the spot and imagined me in a court room and a judge breaking my wand into two halves.


A branch broke outside and made me alert.

I was that shocked by the letter that I forgot to turn the lights off and hide me.

I turned on my spot to the front door, to face the intruder and stood with my legs apart, my wand gripping very firmly in my hand, prepared to attack.

I concentrated hard and remembered all the offensive spells I was learning since the holiday started from the secret books for the lady. Finally I had the opportunity to practice them!

Someone was climbing the stairs of the door way and then the door knob turned around slowly.

It made klick to signalize that the door was open now.

I gulped. Every muscle in my body was double tensed.

I waited.

Nothing happened.

I tried to listen intensely to hear any little noise but nothing.

But then...

Suddenly the door flew open.

"Mummyfy!" I shouted immediately.

The spell was shot at the person in front of me before I was able to see who it was.

It was Moody and he was pointing his wand at me but before he was able to shoot a spell at me, he was already wrapped in bandages. Only his face was left out but otherwise he looked pretty much like a mummy.

I took a short breath of relief and walked up to him.

He was making grunting noises while struggling and fighting to free himself.

I kicked his wand away and made my way down to face him.

As I bent down and place my wand against his throat he was silent and stopped moving.

"Silly girl! Now you will have more trouble for using an other charm in the muggle world!" He said.

I looked at him skeptically.

"Was he the real Moody or was it someone else again?" I thought hard.

"Remus! Look! She finished Mad-Eye!" The voice of a young woman said enthusiastically from the door and made me to turn around and point my wand at her.

It was Tonks. Her face changed from excited and friendly to alarmed and attentive. She looked down at my wand then back at me.

"Get out of my house." I said dangerously.

I wasn't sure if Moody was the real Moody but in the case he was not then Tonks would be someone else too. And I won't let strangers kidnap me! Moreover then when the strangers turn out to be Death Eaters.

"I'm Tonks. A friend of yours-"

"I decide who is a friend. And you are certainly not!" I said more threatening.

"Galaxy." From the back of Tonks appeared Remus. He held his hands in the air, showing me he didn't want any trouble.

Seeing Remus calmed me a little and a strange feeling was erupting inside me.

But I was still confused and sceptic after everything what had happened a few moments ago.

I kept on pointing at Tonks. I couldn't bare to point my want at Remus anyway.

"I'm Remus-"

"I don't believe you!" I said sternly although I wanted so much to believe him.

I was still skeptical whether Moody was himself or not. And therefore were the other people, who I actually know, inside of their own bodies?

"Everything is alright. I will prove that I am Remus." He made a pause and thought.

"When I saw you the first time I saw you in your sleeping clothes." I grabbed my wand tighter as I remembered how I flung the main door confidently open, believing it was only the postman.

I gulped with embarrassment but didn't lowered my wand.

"Then we walked to Diagon Alley to buy your school supplies." Still, I didn't lowered my wand.


"Which ice cream flavor I ordered at the Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour that day?" I interrupted him.

He didn't thought about that one second and answered at once: "Marshmallow-Mint"

I looked at him with so much desire to believe him.

"Remus used to have a nickname for me. Which one is it?" I asked a last time.

He was taken back by my question and looked very confused but moreover very ashamed.

"Sunflower." He said lowly.

That was enough. I was convinced that he was the real Remus.

I run towards him and jumped into his embrace.

We didn't talk, we just hugged us tightly.

My eyes wanted to cry out every worry and the shock caused by the dementors and the ministry letter but for the very first time I couldn't cry. It was horrifying.

Remus and me were made to tore apart by Tonks coughing after a while.

But before entirely releasing each other Remus whispered: "Who told you about the nickname."

"Sirius." I said in his chest.

"Should have known it." He said a little angry and made me smile.

"You won't be expelled nor will your wand be destroyed. Albus is making sure of it!" He said finally. I wondered how he knew that the ministry wrote me that letter and how on earth was Dumbledore resolving this all? Had Dumbledore that special contacts in the ministry or was he... buying me out of that? That I really doubted. He wasn't this way. But on the other hand I didn't want Dumbledore to help me. I was innocent and acted in self-defense. Therefore the law has to call me innocent and this way I didn't need any help from anyone!

Tonks coughed again and brought me out of my thoughts.

"It's so good to see you again, Remus." I whispered. He squeezed me tightly one last time and let go of me reluctantly.

"Good you let go of each other. I thought there was a glueing charm jinxed on you and I was really worried how to separate you two." Tonks said in a joking tune.

I smiled lightly.

"I'm sorry. I'm-" She hugged me and cut me of.

"It's alright! I'm Tonks!" She said her name again and smiled broadly after letting go of me.


"Galaxy! I know! Remus talks all the time about you!" She looked at Remus and he smiled confidently at me.

"Oh, ... really? Well... that's ... nice." I said awkwardly.

It was really confusing for me suddenly. I developed a jealousy and envy towards her for being around Remus but then I found out she was a lovely and a very cherish person, you have to love her!

I smiled at her politely.

"Now after you've introduced yourselves, get quickly out of here!" Moody's voice came from the ground up to us.

Remus and Tonks laughed. I joined them laughing although I was irritated why we should get out of there.

Remus walked up to Moody and bent down.

"It seems you're getting old, Eleastor!" Remus laughed.

"Rubbish! Just get me out of it!" Moody started struggling again but before he lost too much power on fighting without sense Remus waved with his wand and made the bandages to vanish. Moody stood up with the help of Remus and walked out of the house.

"Hurry up! Don't want to spend more useless time here. They might come and attack us! I'm outside, standing guard." Moody growled from outside.

Remus and Tonks giggled.

I looked at them confused.

"You hurt his ego." Tonks said happily.

"And now we are going to pack your trunks. Where's you room?" Tonks asked very keen.


She started to walk up but stopped as I asked:

"Why packing my trunks? I can't leave this house. It's safer for me to stay here." A disdainful laugh was heard from Moody.

"Moreover, my sister's in the hospital. I can't just leave the house without any word!" I said aghast.

"Who said you will leave without any word?" Remus said and held an envelope in the air.

"I wrote a letter, explaining everything." I crossed my arms annoyed and said: "Well, how about explaining me at first what's going on? Why did demen-"

Remus interrupted me and said:

"We will explain it to you when we get out of here. For your mother it's enough to know that the headmaster picked you for a British writing contest." I furrowed my brows.

"British writing contest?!"

"The real reason will be explained later. Now go and pack your things quickly. Tonks will help you." I gave in reluctantly and walked up to my room.

"Eew! Your room is way too much tidied up!" I giggled.

"Actually, it was a mess. I just tidied up yesterday." She made her way towards my dresser and opened it.

"I'm mostly after my muggle dad, that's why I am that messy too.

I am very surprised to see that our house was quite like your house too! I guess muggles have quite much similarities." I stopped pulling my trunks out of my bed while Tonks examined my clothes closely.

"Your father is a muggle?!"

"Yeah. And that metamorphus ability I got from mom. But that's the only thing. Unfortunately, I couldn't learn from her how to pack my clothes in my trunk with folding themselves." She sighed and waved with her wand.

My clothes rushed towards the now open trunk and crumpled down in there in an untidy heap.

Tonks shrugged unimpressively.

Then she pointed at my books with her wand and they joined my clothes.

She was pointing around my room randomly to put the other stuff in the trunk but I stopped her.

"Wait. Let me do the remaining things myself, without magic."

She shrugged her shoulders again and jumped on my bed.

I ran to the bathroom and stuffed all my washing things into my wash bag. Then I grabbed my cosmetic supplements and stuffed them in an other wash bag.

I returned in my room to see Tonks sitting on my bed cross-legged and concentrating very hard.

Suddenly her hair changed from white to green. I gasped.

She was looking at me again and smiled.

"It's that easy?" I asked stunned.

She laughed.

"At the beginning it wasn't easy at all but now... it is!" She giggled.

I was jealous again. I wished that I could change myself.

My half-brown skin, a typical Indian indication but a little brighter because of my German father, into a white skin.

The thick black hair to a smooth, less heavy, maroon colored hair.

The dark brown eyes into mysterious apple green eyes.

I shook off that thought and continued packing the last things.

Shoes, underwear, my teddy bear, a purse, my mobile phone with its charger and my headphones, socks, my present for Royalty and finally the secret books of the lady.

"Finished?" Tonks asked bored.

"I believe." I said while thinking wether everything I needed was in the trunk or not.

"Amazing! Now we can go!" She took one trunk and my owl and I took the other trunk and my broom.

"Finally! Mad-Eye was getting furious!" Remus said worriedly.

Suddenly an other owl flew in from the front door as we walked out. We went back inside to read this letter.

Moody pushed himself forward and said disgusted: "Stinks of Ministry."

"You worked for that stinking ministry some time." Tonks said and narrowed her eyes at him.

The letter flew in the air and it happened again, it formed lips and a female voice spoke:

"Dear Ms. Charmé,

the Ministry has received intelligence that at

Twenty three minutes to one this morning you performed the Mummyfy Charm in a muggle inhabited area.

As a clear violation of the Section 13 of the International Confederation of Warlocks' Statue of Secrecy a second time, your wand will be destroyed at the disciplinary hearing at the Ministry of Magic at 9 a.m. on the twelfth of August.

Hoping you are well,

Yours sincerely,

Mafalda Hopkirk,

Improper Use of Magic Office,

Ministry of Magic"

I was glued to the spot.

"Told ya you're getting in more trouble." Said Moody very constructively.

"Look at me!" Remus approached me.

"Your wand won't be destroyed. You did nothing wrong! You protected yourself! Albus won't let that happen!" Remus said and held my face in his hands. He made me to look at him.

His calming face couldn't relax me but nevertheless I nodded. He half-smiled at me and said: "Come on."

We walked out. I switched off the lights and looked in the kitchen to check whether everything was tidied up.

It was.

Therefore I just needed to lock the front door.

A very anxious and gloomy feeling erupted through my body.

My mom would be furious to know that I left in the time where Sonja was ill and where my mom needed me.

But moreover she would be very worried and sad because she wasn't able to say good-bye to me.

"Hurry up!" Moody barked.

I startled up.

I placed myself on my broom and prepared myself for taking off.

"Remus, you fly under her! Kingsley will make the forefront! Hestia you above her! Tonks, you're guarding her left side and Sturgis the other side! I am in the back! The others keep circling around!" Moody barked some instructions.

I furrowed my brows and wondered if he really was mad because there were just Tonks, Remus, him and me... though to whom was he talking? And which names was he calling?

"If someone is killed. Stuck to the formation!" He added.

My eyes widened and fear rose inside me.

"killed?!" I whispered in shock.

Right then Remus took off and I couldn't loose any thought about Moody's words. I followed Remus and pushed me from the ground in the air.

Tonks followed me and Mad-Eye was in my back.

We took off and raised in the air when suddenly something black appeared in my front and on my right. I slowed down, not knowing if this should happen or not.

"It's alright! They belong to us!" Tonks screamed from my left. I nodded and fastened myself again.

I was certainly confused why these black dots appeared and were flying with me.

Nor I understood why they all came to me and picked me up.

I was feeling nervous and I wasn't quite sure what to think, what to expect and how to act.

The only thing I was able to think was:

"My guardian, I am-"

"I know. I saw that. And your sister is feeling better now. They're on their way home."

I gulped.

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