NO LOVE - Jarry Fan Fiction

All I could hear was the fans screaming our names -Harry's name was louder than mine and Little Mix's-. Some of them were screaming, others were fainting, others were taking pictures... There was a lot of fans, even paparazzi's were out there. They asked us questions, we weren't supposed to answer, but Harry did. In a really dumb way, to be exact.


1. Prologue

Jade's POV


"So Syco needs a new couple? From Little Mix and One Direction?" Perrie asked Jesy, while eating her chocolate flavored ice cream. Of course she wouldn't care, she already has a boyfriend -and they're engaged- so she's out of the way... But Jesy, Leigh-Anne and I are stuck with this. We should decide. Jesy nodded, Leigh and I widened our eyes. "Oh, cool. Sounds like fun!" Perrie said annoyingly.

"Are you telling me it's either me, you or Jade with Harry or Niall?" Leigh asked, so Jesy -being the mature person she is- nodded. "Ooh, what if we develop feelings for each other? It's gonna be so dramatic!" Leigh daydreamed about the idea of the management. Well, she's a fan of them. Jesy's fine with it -I think- because she's older than both of them, there's at least a two years difference. And me, nothing. I can't be excited to date someone I barely know, it's just- no.

"Alright, so we decide now, we're gonna play 'rock, paper, scissors', Perrie, you're out." Jesy said, trust me, she's mature but she can be a bit, childish. Her phone beeped, so she unlocked it, putting her password: 4758. I have no clue why she chose that password, it's strange, really. She jumped a bit with excitement, after reading the message she got from God knows who. Oh wait, let me guess? Management? "Management said that One Direction already chose, and it's Harry. So now it's our turn. Normally, I'm supposed to be out of this, but I don't care. Nobody does. It's fake." See! Told you it was management! They text Jesy all the time, but they never tell us anything, cruel people.

"Alright, let's start!" Leigh said, while her, Jesy and I wished not to lose. Perrie was watching in amusement our little 'game'. "Rock, paper, scissors! Aah, Jesy! You're out!" Leigh said. I was terrified. I don't want it to be me, I remember in 2010 on the X-Factor, girls would say bad things about Harry. I tried to avoid him every time both bands were spending time together, but if I lose, there's no escape. I got out of my thoughts when the three girls were screaming. Yeah, even Perrie.

"What?" I asked them, confused. I just left planet Earth for a few seconds, right? I didn't miss something, did I? I hope not. I just don't know, what's going on? I'm clueless right now. Someone come here and help me! God, these girls and their screams! Can't I think without missing anything?

"You won!" Perrie screamed in my face. What? I won? It means I'm out? I couldn't help but smile. Hopefully! God loves me for this, so who is it? "Jade, you could've lost! But you decided to win! It's you!" Leigh screamed. It's me? Wait, what? It's me? I'm gonna be the fake girlfriend? That's unfair! I wasn't paying attention! Plus, isn't supposed to be the loser who gets stuck with this? They're cheating! Help me! Jesy was already texting management, looks like she's telling them I'm in. This is ridiculous!

"Perrie, no! I'm not faking this, I wasn't even paying attention! This is unfair!" I whined. I swear, I must sound like a three years old, impatient for his birthday present. Actually, my birthday's in a month, so it's not that far, is it? I'll be twenty one, that's all. Nothing more, just getting older. My phone beeped in my pocked, I reached out for it. I swiped the screen and opened my messages. Management? Ooh, they remember me now, don't they? What do they want anyways? A song? They just got a new album, no joke. It said the most annoying thing ever, specially when you're in my situation:

Dear Ms. Thirlwall,

Thank you for agreeing to our brilliant idea! Would you mind coming tomorrow to sign a few papers? Mr. Styles will be there too, so you'll get to know each other! I hope this will get your band more fame. It will last for a few months, we'll discuss the details tomorrow. We want you to be in the office around noon. We'll even start the whole plan tomorrow. This is so exciting!

Have a nice day,

Mia Kennedy

You get it? I'll put that in a mail, not a message! Plus, it's so formal. Ms. Thirlwall and Mr. Styles, why don't they say Jade and Harry? It's shorter. And cuter -I meant my name, not his-, right? Oh, wait I forgot. What's our ship name? Did they find one, or not yet? I heard that some people write fan fictions -don't ask me what it is, cause all I know is that's not a real story- about me and Harry, we have two ship names: Jarry and Stirlwall. This is crazy!

"Okay, so I'm gonna date Harry Styles? Fine with me." I said. Of course it wasn't fine with me! Do you imagine what's it like to lie to our fans? They're the ones who made us become who we are now! We can't just lie to them! I know I'll feel guilty for it, one day.

"Yes, but you have to know some things. The fans will send you hate in the beginning of your relationship, you're gonna have to hangout with the boys a lot, you're gonna have to stop hanging out with other guys or their fans will call a cheater and lastly, don't take anything personally. They're gonna insult you and all that, but you shouldn't let that get you. Don't believe in their words, always remember our song Change Your Life, specially your part." Perrie told me. Wow, she sounded my mam. She sounded mature -for once in her life, to be exact-, so not her.

"Sure. I'll be fine, I won't forget any of these things..." I reassured her. Something I love about Perrie is that she's so caring when you risk to be hurt. That's what makes Perrie awesome, I didn't get why directioners hated her in the beginning -I mean, she's just awesome- but then I understood they were just jealous. Wait, that should be on my list: directioners will hate me, they'll call me names. Great, just great. "Perrie, thanks."

"No problem." She came closer and hugged me. If you're asking about her chocolate flavored ice cream, I think she finished it. But I don't really know then. Maybe when I was daydreaming. "Aww, girls! Group hug!" Perrie kind of shouted. Jesy and Leigh-Anne came closer and hugged me and Perrie. I love these girls, even if I'm stuck with a guy and I'll have to lie to my fans for a few months because of them, I still love these crazy girls.

*End of flashback*

Now that I signed the contract -just five minutes ago- I have to get to know Mr. Styles. Right now, we were both listening to Mia Kennedy and her partner, they were both talking about the annoying details. It was pretty boring. I was tapping my fake nails on the table, counting each second that passed. I wasn't really listening. Like seriously, who would? Unless you're Mia Kennedy yourself, that's different... I'd like to know if I can play Subway Surfers on my phone, but I knew the answer, so I didn't want to embarrass myself. They both kept talking, then they left Mr. Styles and Ms. Thirlwall -me- get to know each other.

"Hi. I'm Jade." Sounds weird, but that's only because I never talked to him. Sure, we met -a lot, because of Pezza and her fiancé- but he'd flirt with Jesy and Leigh-Anne while I'd talk to Liam. Maybe we said a few hi's, that's it. I was unsocial. I met him in 2010 too, but I heard he's a player so I stayed away from him. Why get in trouble when you can stay safe? See, I'm reasonable.

"I'm Harry. And uh, we've met before... I think." He said unsure. I knew he'd be like that. I'm sure he had tons of relationships before, so he would forget every girls' name. Did I mention that I never made an eye contact between the both of us? I still felt his eyes on me. Maybe he was just looking, but that was called S-T-A-R-I-N-G. SOS! Girls, I need help! Some cruel guy is staring at me, he's creepy! "Why are you acting like this?!" Did I say something at loud. No, I'm not dumb. I'm just immature, that's all.

"What?" I asked him, still not looking at him. For the first time, I realized how beautiful the ground was. It's grey. Let's get back to that. He was, well, I don't really know since I'm not looking at him. Like who on earth will look at someone you don't even care about? If someone does, that clearly isn't me. "What do you mean? I'm not acting, I'm just being me." I told him sternly. Couldn't he be a bit more specific? Like does he really think I'm acting? I'm being me, that's all. I kept my eyes on the ground, not even bothering to look at him.

"Why aren't you even looking at me? Jade, I did nothing to you, did I? You're just acting like we never met!" Harry half yelled. Unfortunately, I got scared and looked at him. He was looking at him -let me correct this-, actually he was STARING at me. I think this guy's creepy. Answer number 1, I looked at him. Answer number 2, no, you did nothing, you just ignored me. Answer number 3, we did, but we NEVER talked. But let's face it, he used to flirt with the girls, talk to the boys but he ignored me. "You're acting like we never met! We did, but we just didn't talk much." He yelled. He wouldn't shut up if I didn't ask him to, right?!

"SHUT UP!" I yelled while I stood from my seat. He smiled weakly at me, while I was annoyed. "We did meet, we just never ever talked. You ignored me, I ignored you too, it was obvious that we didn't like each other's company, at all. Even Perrie became suspicious and thought we hated each other because of some secret -which never happened, really- so let's start as strangers." I said, softening my voice in the end.

"But Jade- fine." He protested but groaned. He smiled sweetly so I groaned. "Not in a flirty way, but a friendly one." I said. He bit his lip, and smiled nicely, in a friendly way. "That's better." I told him. I realized that I'm being a bit bossy today, right? Oh well. "I'm Harry Styles. I'm nineteen and I'm in a band called One Direction. We won third place on the X-Factor UK three years ago. I have four mates: Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. And Zayn's engaged to a really nice girl, you must meet her. And I'm single, for now." He said in a royal tone. I held a laugh, he made a stupid face so I laughed.

"Well I'm Jade Thirlwall. I'm twenty, almost twenty one, I'm in a band called Little Mix with three amazing girls: Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson and Perrie Edwards. Perrie's engaged to a weird man with a quiff, and he loves his hair. I think you've met him -oh wait, he's in your band- and I'm single too." I said in my Geordie accent. Harry looked somehow, amused. "Then would you like to be my fake girlfriend?" He asked me. It was quite funny, like a show. And it was funny the way he called me a fake girlfriend. "Of course, if it'd bring my band more fame, then yes, why not." I told him. "Then let's leave this creepy place." He said in a kid's voice.

That's when we both laughed -like idiots, to be exact- then we left the so known as creepy place. We walked in the building, -not holding hands or anything, just near each other- and we even made fun of people. We even saw a Christmas tree. On the first of December. Wow, humans are crazy. A few bodyguards walked around us, making sure we're safe. I thought there's a war outside or something, it wasn't a big deal. Just walking towards a car. That's it. Nothing much... Two people held the doors open for us, four bodyguards ran out, Harry and I walked then four other bodyguards ran to keep us safe. We were outside the building by now.

All I could hear was the fans screaming our names -Harry's name was louder than mine and Little Mix- some of them were screaming, others were fainting, others were taking pictures... There was a lot of fans, even paparazzi's were out there. They asked us questions, we weren't supposed to answer, but Harry did. In a really dumb way, to be exact. He stopped walking, and held my hand to stop me.

He kissed me, in public. In front of fans, and paparazzi's. That's when I realized what I got myself into.

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