NO LOVE - Jarry Fan Fiction

All I could hear was the fans screaming our names -Harry's name was louder than mine and Little Mix's-. Some of them were screaming, others were fainting, others were taking pictures... There was a lot of fans, even paparazzi's were out there. They asked us questions, we weren't supposed to answer, but Harry did. In a really dumb way, to be exact.


6. Chapter 5

Jade's POV

"Jade? Would you like to meet the guys? I mean, you haven't met them ever since we started this whole dating thing." Harry told me. When you get to think about it, I haven't met his band and he hasn't met my band ever since we started this. Sure, I've met his band before, he has met mine too, but it's been a while. Again, I was unsocial. I only talked to Liam. To the rest of them, I only said hi. I used to say that to Harry too, but that was before. Before all of this.

"Sure, but you haven't met the girls either. Maybe both bands can meet each other -which will be one more opportunity for Perrie and Zayn to talk or whatever- and so we'll be closer. Right?" I replied. At the moment, we were sitting in front of my MacBook, looking at the tweets. Some directioners are still thinking that I'm a cheater, and others don't but they all aren't over Harry and I's relationship. On the other hand, mixers supported me. They even believed in the picture lie about Sam and I. Suddenly, I've been pulled into a comforting hug. I started to sob quietly.

"You remembered him, didn't you? Jade. Why are you still upset?" He asked worriedly, tying to understand.


“Don’t lie to me Jade. I know the One Direction fandom hates you because you’re dating Harry. I came here as an old friend, and I’m glad you moved on.” He said, smiling weakly at the end.

“But I didn’t! I didn’t move on. They hate me because I’m dating him and it’s just a publicity stunt so Little Mix could get famous. It’s not real. It’s not like us. I don’t love him, I still love you Sam. I only thought about you.” I said quickly. He smiled and looked at me, straight in the eyes. “I love you too Jade.” He said and leaned in to kiss me. But a knock on my door interrupted. “Sorry.” I went to open the door, smiling. I opened the door to see Harry.

*End of flashback*

"He's just... another... liar... He lied... to me..." I tried to say between sobs. Harry was still hugging me, and I couldn't help but cry. "Right before you c-came, he s-said he..." I cried harder. I could feel the pain in my head. It doesn't really hurt when you lose someone, but when you remember all the memories and flashbacks, no words can describe the pain. "He said he still loved me." I continued my sentence. Since I had nothing more to say, I cried, I let all my tears out.

"Shh... Calm down... Forget him, Jade... He doesn't deserve you..." Harry whispered in my ears, trying calm me down. My breathing got slower, and my sobs got quieter. Then I stopped crying. I pulled away from the hug and looked at him. "So you said that both bands can meet, how about now?" I tried to reply but I just cried. "Do you want me to punch him? Again?" Harry asked me in a serious tone. I laughed.

"If you want. Let's go, I want to meet everyone." I said. We both pulled out our phones from our pockets and started texting. Harry was probably texting Liam -since he's kind of a leader- and I texted Perrie. I wouldn't tell her that Zayn coming here too, though, I want to surprise her. "Don't tell anyone that the girls are coming. I'm not telling the girls that the lads are coming over. I want to surprise them -well, Perrie and Zayn- and it has to work perfectly." Harry nodded. I pressed my finger on Perrie's contact and called her. Texting was boring.

"Hello? Jade? Are you okay?" My best friend's voice asked worriedly. "Hey Pez! I'm fine, thanks. It's just extremely boring here and I want you and the girls to come over. I even prepared some snacks and biscuits!" I told her. I didn't lie though, I always have some snacks and biscuits since we're not allowed to bring these things on tour with us. "Um, okay. I'll pick the girls up and come over. Bye!" She said and hung up. Perrie didn't really like long conversations on the phone when you're gonna see her in less than an hour. But if she's talking to her parents, it can take way too long. I wouldn't blame her though, when I call my parents I never hang up unless we have to go somewhere -like the studio- or I'm sleepy.

Hopefully, Perrie didn't think that her -lovely- boyfriend is coming too. I mean I'd love to see the look on her face when she sees him. But I think that the last time they talked was three days ago -I think- and I just hope that everything's fine between them. What am I saying? They're engaged! They wouldn't fight for nothing, plus, I know that both of them care too much about the other and wouldn't let anything get between them. "So? Did they reply?" I asked Harry. He looked at me and smiled. "The girls are coming too. Um... Was there something wrong with Zayn? Lately?" I asked.

"Yeah. He hasn't been so cheerful and happy like he usually is. He didn't really say the details but he said that something's going on in his family. I didn't believe him though, I think it concerns Perrie. But yesterday he called her and Louis -fortunately- eavesdropped. He was apologizing to Perrie and said that he'd never do that again. But he never told us what happened. I guess they'll be happy to see each other today." He said, smiling weakly. Wait, so Perrie and Zayn fought. But she never told me about it, maybe it wasn't that big of a deal. I nodded.

"Come on. I need to prepare everything. We just need to put everything in bowls and that's it." I said, getting up to go to the kitchen. I heard footsteps behind me, I knew it was Harry. He followed me like a lost puppy, but he was nicer than he was ages ago. I got in the kitchen and took all the snacks out. I took a few bowls out and filled them with food. I threw the empty bags in the trash and carried two bowls to put them in the living room. I walked towards the living room, laid the bowls of food on a table and turned around. Unfortunately, I bumped into Harry -who was carrying two bowls too- and the bowls were gonna fall but I held one and he held the other. "Sorry." I apologized quietly. I placed the bowl on the table and walked to the kitchen to see if there are other bowls -but there wasn't- so I got back to the living room. On my way, I bumped into Harry again -but this time none of is was carrying anything- and fell on the ground. "Looks like today is not my day." I mumble under my breath.

"Sorry Jade." Harry apologized, helping me up. I smiled at him, then the doorbell rang. "I think it's the boys." He said, leaving me to open the door. "It's them." He shouted. I chuckled and made my way to the front door to welcome the boys. They were all laughing at the door -not bothering to come in- so I cleared my throat. "Oh, sorry. Come in." Harry told them. They walked in, each one of them hugged me. "Hide in the living room." Harry yelled. I slapped his arm. "I mean, go to the living room." He corrected. I smiled. "So... Shall we join them?" Harry asked me, I nodded. We walked to the living room, but the doorbell rang, again. The guys -excluding Harry- had confused looks on their faces, probably wondering who's coming.

I jumped in excitement and ran to the door. I opened it, to see my three best friends. I hugged all the girls at once, pulled away and let them in. I closed the door once they were inside. "Be quiet." I whispered to them. We walked towards the living room, once we were in, I made some noise. "TADAAA!" I yelled. Once Perrie realized that Zayn was here, her eyes widened. I looked at Zayn, to see him with the same expression except that his mouth was agape. I looked from Zayn to Perrie and from Perrie to Zayn. Was the fight that bad? Did they break up? I hope not. Finally, Zayn got up and walked over to Perrie. He hugged her tightly -causing her to hug back- and they both were mumbling things in each other's ear but no one could hear them.

"Wasn't that a surprise for all of us?" Niall asked, breaking the silence. I was grateful that someone talked -other than Zayn and Perrie- because it was getting awkward by the second. Everyone started to laugh, since we had nothing to talk about. The girls and I sat down next to the others while Zayn and Perrie sat on a sofa next to each other, I have to admit, they are a cute couple. I sat between Harry and Liam and the girls sat next to Niall.

"So Jade..." Louis started, trying to get my attention. All eyes were on me when I looked at Louis. "Um..." I had a blank expression. So? What does he want to know? "How's it like dating Harry?" He asked me. The girls chuckled while I looked at Harry. "I know it's fake, but you know, how are you two? Before, you hated each other and so... I'm interested." He said, smirking. I wanted to slap him right now but he still sounds nice -but annoying- so I won't.

"Well... We've been friends ever since we started this. He helps me, a lot. And we make a good songwriting team too." I smiled. Louis' eyes widened. "Yeah, he helped me to write a song for our new album." I said, looking at Harry. "But. He won't write any songs for you. He only writes for his lovely girlfriend aka me." I sassed. Louis fake glared while the others laughed.

"Why don't you kiss your lovely girlfriend then, Haz?" Louis smirked. I glared at him and looked at Harry who looked a bit confused although he was smirking too. I hugged Liam and hid my face in his chest. Liam and a few other persons -I didn't really know since I couldn't see-laughed. "Oh come on Jade! We wanna see it. I, wanna see it." Louis said. I looked at him, seeing an evil smile on his face. I fake cried and hugged Liam again.

"Please! That evil messy haired carrot wants to kill me! And that mushroom headed boyfriend of mine too! They wanna hurt me Li! Please save me! Protect me, old friend!" I fake cried. My sobs were too fake -anyone in the street can know that they're fake- but I was just joking. I heard many laughs so I looked away to see that Liam was getting up from the sofa, leaving me and Harry. "Please don't hurt me." I pleaded. Nothing seemed to work though, he was still smirking. I got up and walked around. "Maybe a blond guy can save me." But Niall didn't stop laughing. Idiot. "Oh wait maybe a bad boy. Yeah he can! Right Pezza?" I asked Perrie who was right next to Zayn. They were laughing too but Zayn managed to nod. I sat on the sofa and curled up in a ball next to Perrie, while Zayn got up -trying to look serious but failed miserably- and fake glared at Louis.

"How dare you?! Yeah you, messy haired carrot! And you! You mushroom headed boyfriend! And you, blond leprechaun?! And you over there! Yeah you, you mature batman's spoon! How dare you do that to this human called Jade?" Zayn said in an American accent. I laughed and got up. "Apologize to her. Now!" He ordered. I heard a couple of apologies and nodded with a serious look, then sat back down. Suddenly the entire room was filled with laughs, which probably proves how immature we are.

NOTE: joke in front of 'strangers' to break their high and strong walls.

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