NO LOVE - Jarry Fan Fiction

All I could hear was the fans screaming our names -Harry's name was louder than mine and Little Mix's-. Some of them were screaming, others were fainting, others were taking pictures... There was a lot of fans, even paparazzi's were out there. They asked us questions, we weren't supposed to answer, but Harry did. In a really dumb way, to be exact.


5. Chapter 4

Jade's POV

"Jade?" Sam called my name, while I put ice on his non-bruised face. I ignored him, because if he talked, it might hurt his left cheek. "Jade?" He called my name again, removing my hand off of his face. "Yes?" I asked expressionlessly. "Why did you accept that dating thing? I mean, it's not your friend Liam, it's that annoying guy." He said with a blank expression. My eyes widened. "Why did I date him? Because I had to. Because Little Mix will get more fame. Because you broke up with me for no reason. Do you get it? Who on earth breaks up for no reason? Absolutely no reason." I told him, taking a step back. "Listen, I broke up with you for a reason. I broke up with you because I had someone else in mind. And you didn't care." He said, breaking my heart into million pieces.

"Are you saying that I didn't love you? Well, you were my only true love. You fell for someone else when I loved you and you say I don't care. I did, I can't believe you're the person I once loved." I said. I tried not to look hurt by holding the tears in my eyes. That basically reminded me of the song the girls wrote for me. "Sam. You were the person I truly loved, now you're the last person I'd forgive." I told him. He looked at the ground. "Why did you even kiss me, today? Why did you come?" I asked him. I need answers. He can't stay quiet forever, right? "I'm sorry." He replied quietly. He got up, came towards me -probably to hug me but I didn't move so he understood- then took his phone and left. I heard the sound of the door, signalling me it's shut. I sat on the sofa, hugged some sort of a pillow and closed my eyes. I didn't sleep, I just kept my eyes closed and thought.

Mia Kennedy is going to call me, which means I'm in so much trouble. She's going to ask me to find a solution on the whole cheating thing, which I have no idea how to resolve this problem. I'll stay home until I find a solution, I'm certainly not going out in public. Because they're going to call me a cheater -which I kind of am- even though Harry and I aren't real. In that case, the girls are gonna worry about me, tell the media and the entire world will know I'm hurt. This is so complicated.

NOTE: never think when you're hurt. You only remember flashbacks.

My phone rang, which caused me to open my eyes. I threw the pillow somewhere, mad at the caller. It was her. Mia Kennedy. That's it. I'm dead. I cleared my throat, held my phone and hesitantly pressed the 'answer' button. I kept the phone in my hands, because I know she's gonna yell, so no need to hurt my ears. "Hello?" I said, normally. Yes, my voice wasn't shaky, or sad. It wasn't cheerful either. "Jade! What on earth did you do? Do you know what that means? Do you know what the fans think? Do you even realize what you did or you're just too in love? I want answers. Now! Do you think kissing you're ex-boyfriend means nothing? If yes, then you're wrong! You have to work harder on this! The plan was doing perfect, until you did that stupid thing!" She yelled in the phone. See? I had to keep the phone in my hands. "I'm sorry." I said quietly. I know it annoys me when I talk for a long time and someone replies by ok, but that's life. And Mia. "Jade! You need to find a solution for this! Harry did and they're working on it, but you need to find something to tell the fans! They're going crazy!" "Alright, I'll call you when I find a solution." I said and hung up.

Harry found a solution? Cool. Less thinking. I'll have to thank him later. I called him. Yes, instead of thinking of what could that be, I'll call and ask. It didn't take him much to answer. "Hello? Jade?" His normal voice said. "Harry, look I'm so sorry about what happened earlier, and well..." I trailed off. "Mia called you and said I found a solution. Yes, that's true. We're working on the picture. We edited it, so now it looks like the both of us are kissing and we put Sam kissing a pink haired girl. So we're gonna say that the media edited you and Sam to add some drama. They're gonna believe it, even though it's just another lie." He told me. I smiled to myself. "Thanks, for being a nice friend. I mean, at least you care about my reputation." I said, looking at the ground. He was being a great friend, even though he hit the guy I used to love. "You're welcome. I believe you both had a fight, right?" He asked, so I nodded. Then I realized I was on the phone and he couldn't see me. I laughed. "Yes, we did." "Why are you laughing?" He asked, chuckling. "Because when you asked me if we had a fight, I nodded, then I realized you couldn't see me." I explained, only to hear his laugh. I smiled, it was great to have a friend like him. "Do you want to talk about it?" He asked nicely. I didn't attempt to nod this time. "Sure, but not on the phone!" I told him, giggling. "Is it fine if I come over?" He asked, again, nicely. "Of course it's fine, I mean why wouldn't it?" I told him. "Okay, see you then!" He said. "Bye." I pressed the 'end call' button, smiling. Yeah, that smile was real, not fake. I didn't think Harry would help me in a situation like this, I mean, a few weeks ago we hated each other, now, you could say we're friends. I'm the friend and the fake girlfriend of Harry Styles. I prefer to be called his friend than his fake girlfriend.

My doorbell rang. Wait? How did he? Was he near here? Or was I thinking for a while about him? I got up, made my way towards the front door and opened it. There he was, smiling, not smirking. I -without any hesitation- hugged him tightly. He laughed. "I'm sorry." I told him. "Oh, come on Jadey, you really think I won't forgive you? I'm nice!" He joked. "Come in." I said, pulling away from the hug. He stepped in my flat, and walked towards the living room. I closed the door and walked behind him. We sat on the sofas, and I looked at him. His green eyes looked really cheerful and happy. I bet my brown ones looked sad and broken. "So, what happened?" He asked me, smiling.

"Well, after you left, Sam asked me why did I accept the publicity stunt and called you annoying. I said it was to make Little Mix more famous and because he broke up with me for no reason. Then, he said he broke up because he fell for someone else while dating me, he said I didn't care about our relationship and I didn't love him, when I truly did. Then he left, and Mia called." As I finished, he had wide eyes, I have to admit he looked angry. "I can't believe he hurt you. And how can anyone fall for someone else while they're dating you?" He said, then he cleared his throat. "I meant, how can anyone fall for someone else when they just met you?" He said cutely, causing me to smile. "Thank you for that compliment. And well, for being the great friend you are, and for listening to me. Thanks, about everything." I thanked him.

"You're welcome. Can I ask you something?" He asked, friendly. "Of course you can. But you already did." He chuckled and looked at me. "Can I kill Sam? I mean, he hurt you." He said in a baby voice, causing me to laugh. "You can, but you'll go to prison. That won't be so good." I said, still laughing. "But it's worth it... He hurt my Jade." He said. I couldn't help but smile. "Alright, I need help." I said, getting up. "For what? If it's cleaning this house that doesn't need to be since it already is clean, then I'm in." I laughed. "No, I need to write a song for our new album. I need something mature and sad." I said, I walked over a table, took a few papers and two pens, then I walked back and sat next to Harry. "Is there a singing order?" He asked me. I thought about it. "Not really. But I think Jesy will start, then Leigh, then me, then Perrie. Then it's all of us." I said. "Okay. Did you start writing something?" He asked me. "Actually yes, I wrote Jesy's solo, and the chorus. Since she's going to sing the chorus the first time. Then, I'm stuck. I don't know what to put in Leigh and Perrie's solos." I sighted. "Can you sing Jesy's solo? Please?" He pleaded. "Sure. But my voice won't be as good as hers." I said. "Jade, your voice is amazing. It's just different than Jesy's one. Now sing." He ordered me. I stood up -actually, your voice gets better when you're standing- and began singing.

I am the diamond you left in the dust, I am the future you lost in the past

Seems like I never compared, wouldn't notice if I disappear

You stole the love that I saved for myself, and I watch you give it to somebody else

But these scars, no longer I hide, I found the light you shut inside

Couldn't love me if you tried?

Am I still not good enough?

Am I still not worth that much?

I'm sorry for the way my life turned out

Sorry for the smile I'm wearing now

Guess I'm still not good enough

Harry clapped. Actually, he was standing too. "That was amazing!" He hugged me. "And you sing the lyrics as if you felt it -which I think you did- so it looks perfect!" He said, looking amazed. "So now you wrote the chorus, which is Jesy and your solos, and Little Mix's part. So we have to write Leigh-Anne and Perrie's solos. I got in mind Leigh-Anne's solo, so let me write it. Think about Perrie's solo until I write Leigh's one." He ordered me. I thought about something, different. It shouldn't be like Leigh and Jesy's solos, right? I wrote the first lines.

Release your curse, cause I know my worth.

Now I need something with a different beat. Oh cool! I got the name of another future song.

Those wounds you made are gone you ain't seen nothing yet

Again with the first beat. Then I'm gonna write something with a completely different beat. It's not that hard to write lyrics, you know?

Your love wore thin, and I never win

You want the best, so sorry that's clearly not me

This is all I can be

Finally! Wooh, I'm done. I looked at Harry who was still writing. "You're slow." I said. "I'm not slow, you're just fast! That's all." He replied, handing me his paper while I handed him mine. He wrote something matching Jesy's lines. I'll be nice and let you read.

Does it hurt? Knowing I used all the pain

Does it burn? Knowing you're fuel to my flame

Don't look back, don't need your regrets

Thank God you let my love behind

Couldn't love me if you tried?

"So let me get this straight. It's Jesy, then Leigh, then you and lastly Perrie. Then you're all singing the chorus." I nodded. "Sing all of the song, the way you think the music will be like. Again, your voice is perfect, it's just different. But amazing." Harry told me. I sang the whole song, only to receive clapping and a hug. I think we were both satisfied of the lyrics, since I didn't remove the smile off of my face since we started working.

NOTE: never feel lonely. Making an enemy is easy. Making a friend is hard. Finding a great friend is harder.

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