NO LOVE - Jarry Fan Fiction

All I could hear was the fans screaming our names -Harry's name was louder than mine and Little Mix's-. Some of them were screaming, others were fainting, others were taking pictures... There was a lot of fans, even paparazzi's were out there. They asked us questions, we weren't supposed to answer, but Harry did. In a really dumb way, to be exact.


4. Chapter 3

Jade's POV

Being the human I am, felt this was a going to be a bad day. First, I rolled over from my bed, so my head hit the ground. Then, I hit my left foot, walking around my flat. Next, while I cooked, I barely burned my skin. Lastly –so far-, I broke my nail. So already four signs, could it be more obvious? No. I was home. I wouldn’t go out today, what the fifth sign is a car hitting me? That wouldn’t be a happy ending. Someone knocked on my door, getting out of my thoughts. I got up from the dark grey sofa I was sitting on previously, and walked towards the front door –only to hit my ankle- ouch. I groaned and walked on bare foot. “If it’s one of the girls, I’m going to kill them since they have the keys.” I told myself before I opened the door. I opened.

“Girls, why didn’t you unlock the do-“ I got cut off by a kiss. This time, I didn’t kiss back since I didn’t really have time to know who it was, but these lips were familiar to me. The person pulled away, and that’s when I saw him. No, not just him, but the real him. Alive. In front of me. My smile couldn’t get bigger at that moment. My only love was standing in front of me, holding a bouquet of red roses in his hands. Am I hallucinating?

“I missed you Jade.” He told me in his natural and happy voice. “Sam! I missed you too! Come in!” I told him. He walked inside, looking around while I closed the door. Now I know I was wrong, this is definitely not a bad day. “First, these are for you.” He said, handing me the bouquet. “Thank you, they’re beautiful!” I said, putting them in an empty vase I always had. “How’s life?” He asked me nicely. It was like the times we used to talk all night, just about our lives. “Good.” I said, trying to look in good mood –which I actually was in- but he knew me too well. “Don’t lie to me Jade. I know the One Direction fandom hates you because you’re dating Harry. I came here as an old friend, and I’m glad you moved on.” He said, smiling weakly at the end.

“But I didn’t! I didn’t move on. They hate me because I’m dating him and it’s just a publicity stunt so Little Mix could get famous. It’s not real. It’s not like us. I don’t love him, I still love you Sam. I only thought about you.” I said quickly. He smiled and looked at me, straight in the eyes. “I love you too Jade.” He said and leaned in to kiss me. But a knock on my door interrupted. “Sorry.” I went to open the door, smiling. I opened the door to see Harry.

“Harry? What are you doing here?” I asked, still smiling and happy. He got his phone out of his pockets, unlocked it and showed me a picture on Twitter. Me and Sam. Kissing. Today. “And?” I asked for him to continue since he looked pissed off. “My fans think you cheated on me. We’re supposed to make this look real Jade, so don’t do anything stupid that’ll get in the way of that.” He snapped. He got inside and walked around my flat. He stopped when he saw Sam there. “Hi, I’m Sam Craske.” Sam pulled out his hands for Harry to shake. Harry did, still looking at Sam straight in the eyes.”Harry Styles. You’re Jade’s ex boyfriend, right?” Sam nodded. “Well, I’m her current boyfriend.” He fake smiled.

“Harry, he knows.” I said, rolling my eyes. “Oh, he knows that we’re fake? Why did he come? To have a second chance?” Harry said rudely. Okay, this was pissing me off. “Harry stop it, he jus-“ I started but Sam cut me off. “Jade, wait. Yes, I came to have a second chance. We didn’t really breakup so yes. Well, basically, we were talking until you came.” Sam said nicely. He can’t be mean.

“Jade, what are you going to do? Huh? You know that we’re not breaking up until two months, and so you can’t date him.” Harry told me coldly. I blinked. “I don’t know. I can’t date until then...” I looked at the ground. “See, so that means she doesn’t want you here, Craske.” Harry smirked. “She never said so.” Sam snapped. "You're not together anymore, you were never supposed to come." Harry said, annoying me. He's just my fake boyfriend, he shouldn't be involved around my life! "We were real." That's when Harry couldn't take it anymore, he punched Sam in the face. "Harry! Stop it!" I yelled at him. "Why are you like this? What did he do?" I asked, approaching Sam, to see if he has any bruises -which he hopefully didn't have- and looked at Harry. "Sam, calm down..." I told him. "Breathe in and out." I said calmly. "Jade! What on ear-" I cut Harry off. "Leave. Please leave. I'd like to see if he has any bruises." I told him, coldly. So hopefully, he left.

NOTE: never let two guys fight over you, especially when one of them is the love of your life.

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