NO LOVE - Jarry Fan Fiction

All I could hear was the fans screaming our names -Harry's name was louder than mine and Little Mix's-. Some of them were screaming, others were fainting, others were taking pictures... There was a lot of fans, even paparazzi's were out there. They asked us questions, we weren't supposed to answer, but Harry did. In a really dumb way, to be exact.


2. Chapter 1

Jade's POV

If someone had warned me. I mean, I knew it might happen, but still. There was thousands of people out there. The screams only got louder when Harry does that dumb move. I wish I pullback, but I don't. Because we should make the fans believe that we're dating. But in the same time, I'm not ready yet. We never had to start this in public -I mean in front of fans- and now all I hear is some stuff I don't like. I remember what happened to Pezza. So what I hear is around these things:

"Harry! Don't date Jade!"

"Jade! Look over here!"

"Are you dating?"

"We love Little Mix!"

"1D 1D 1D 1D!"

"Jade! You're perfect!" That one is nice.

"I love you Jade!"

"Zerrie! Zerrie! Zerrie!" Perrie and Zayn's ship name is everywhere around me, so don't ask.

"Did you forget about Sam?" They ask about my ex boyfriend. We used to have this on and off relationship but while we were off, I had to do the publicity stunt with Harry.

"Haylor!" Harry and his ex's ship name. They broke up a few months ago...

"Jam forever!" My ex and I's ship name.

"Larry! Larry! Larry!" The fake relationship fans made up about Harry and Louis, his bandmate.

"Get away from my man!"

"You don't deserve him, Jade!"

"Jade! You're fake!" And well, that hurts.

"Jade! You're ugly! That's why you wear makeup!"

So basically I have to deal with all these things. The girls, Harry and Liam say that most of these things are lies and I shouldn't believe in these words -which I don't, by the way- and that I shouldn't forget that this is only a publicity stunt. But I think there's something wrong.

There actually is something wrong, but I can't tell right now. It's like-

"Jade?!" Harry called my name, getting me out of my thoughts. Where were we? In a restaurant. You’d probably like to call it a date but trust me, it isn’t. In the public’s eye, it is. But in reality, it isn’t, at all. “Hm, yeah, sorry. What were you saying?” I asked confusedly, cause I wasn’t listening. “You should stop daydreaming about me...” He joked. “I wasn’t. I was just thinking about the fans. Yours, to be exact.” Half of this is true. I was still thinking about him –in a friendly way- and about how he deals with his fans. Doesn’t he feel sorry for his fake or real girlfriends? “Jade I’m sorry about them, they aren’t supposed to be rude to you. At all. You’re an amazing person, they just don’t know you.” He reassured me. His words rang in my ears.

They just don’t know you.

That can be the name of a new song is our album. Well, we wrote a few songs, one song called Move, one called Salute and another one called Little Me and we’re thinking of mature songs, not like the ones on our debut album. So that they just don’t know you could be great. “Yeah, I know. But they’re probably so in love with you that they can’t even like to see you kissing another girl.” I told him, in a matter-of-fact tone. “Let’s go.” He said quietly. “You already paid?” I asked, only to receive a nod. “Okay.” I said. We left the restaurant, and Harry held the door open for me –what a gentleman- like everyone does. We walked for a while and hopefully, since it was night, no paparazzi or fans were around.

“You’re the only one who didn’t fall for me. I bet any girl would die to be in your place, kissing me at least five times a day, and oh well, dating me. You didn’t fall for me.” He said, trying to convince me he’s amazing. I feel like I’m talking to Apollo. Who on earth says I’m beautiful, I’m awesome, I’m amazing? No one. Unless you’re Harry. “Yet.” He added.

“What?” I asked, making sure I heard his words correctly. “You didn’t fall for me, yet. Who knows, maybe you will.” He smirked. “Are you saying that I might fall in love? And when I do, I’ll fall for you? No way in hell. Or heaven.” “Come on Poopey, you know that you’ll fall for someone one day, you also know that that someone is me. You’re just afraid to get broken again after what Sam did to you. You even hate to admit it.” He told me, calmly, as if a baby was sleeping nearby. My eyes got watery. He shouldn’t have reminded me of Sam. Of course, he didn’t know much about Sam and I’s relationship but he knew that Sam was the one who broke up with me for no reason. I held back the tears in my eyes, not wanting to look weird, especially in public –even though there is no one around-  since a paparazzi can always be here or there.


“You know nothing about Sam and I’s relationship.” I protested. Why did he remind me of Sam? It’s true that I’m hurt because  of Sam, but I don’t hate him. I just have to move on. Wait a second, what if I- “Jade, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was just-“ He stopped in mid-sentence, looking at the full moon. It was kind of cute, because his eyes sparkled. A tear escaped my right eye, followed by a sob. Harry looked at me, smiling weakly. He leaned in, while I gulped. What on earth was he doing? We’re not a real couple! No one’s around so we should stay the way we are: friends. Simple as the wind. Suddenly I felt his lips on mine, and I, Jade Thirlwall, didn’t have choice but to kiss back.

NOTE: never cry because and in front of Harry.

He pulled back, smiling. Did he think that I love him? Cause basically, I don’t. I felt nothing special in the kiss. And that’s only because I imagined Sam kissing me, not Harry. Sam was the simple guy who would always make me smile when he’s around. We broke up because of no reason, which hurts, a lot. He broke up with me by saying we’re over and leaving me to cry at home. I still have feelings for Sam. I never hated him. You can’t hate him, no matter how much he hurt you. “You think I’m a jerk now, don’t you?” I shook my head. “No. But I have no idea why you did this.” “Jade, I know who you were thinking about.” He told me seriously. At first he was sweet, now he’s serious. I never saw him serious before. “Who?” I asked, trying to be nice. I never wanted to bring up the subject about me and Sam after our break up.

“Sam. You thought I was him.” He said, having an expressionless face. I only replied with a quiet yes, wishing he won’t hear it. It wouldn’t hurt him, would it? “You still love him.” He replied in an unexpected tone, harshly. “Yes, I do. I’ll never hate him. He is all I could wish for in a guy. Nice, sweet, handsome, protective, caring... Everything.” I said, coldly. “Are you blind Jade? He broke up with you. He doesn’t love you anymore. You have to move on.” He said, as if he wanted me to move on. “Why do you care? We’re supposed to be friends, and act like we’re dating, but in a few months, it’ll be over. We’ll never ever talk to each other then.” I raised my voice at the end. “I don’t know why I care, but I don’t understand why you don’t like me, it makes me annoyed that you don’t love me.” He replied, his voice normal but still expressionless. “As if you did.” I whispered and left him standing by himself, in a park. My house wasn’t that far, I just wished that the paparazzi won’t find me.


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