Famously Kidnapped

A young girl named Maria Brown gets kidnapped, at first she thinks that it's some little thing and that she will be saved soon. But, she soon discovers that she is part of something big. A group of people are kidnapping talented kids and selling them to celebrities. At first she doesn't really care, she thinks that she won't get bought but there's just one problem. She's the best singer out of everyone that's been kidnapped, and when the celebrities start fighting over you things can only get worse. Includes people such as One Direction, Justin Bieber, The Wanted, Taylor Swift, Little Mix and possibly many more.


2. What do I have to do?

All through today all Taylor was talking about was the Justin Bieber concert that she's going to. I just zoned out I know how she is, she will talk about him until the concert. Then she will watch it and never talk about him again, well at least till he come back to Australia. Oh and when I say Australia that's what I actually mean, as soon as a star that she likes takes a step into Australia she starts talking about them. Sound annoying that's because it is, she just won't shut up about them it gets so annoying!


I returned home as normal and just went on with my normal day, today was just a typical day for me. My phone started ringing I knew that it was Taylor before I even picked it up. I was right, "hi Taylor what's up?" "Would you like to....." "No!" "I haven't even asked you yet" "I already know what your going to ask and you and I both know what I'm going to say." "Will you go to the Justin Bieber concert with me?" "No!" "Why not?" "Really? We were discussing this at school" "yeah I know but?" She really wants us to have this conversation again, "I just thought that I would ask you again just in case you changed your mind." "You've been saying that for 2 years and it's always been no" "you have to change your mind eventually!"


"No I don't" "come on for me" "you do know that the reason why I will never change my mind is because of you right?" "Don't be like that" "but it's true your annoyed at me because I'm doing this so I will just keep on doing it until you don't get so bothered by it." "Is that really all it's going to take?" "Yes and also when you finally decide that their music actually sucks and you come to me saying Maria you were right." "That will never happen" "then I will just continue to hate them" "so what your basically saying is that once I stop liking them you will become a fan." "Maybe" "your basically saying that the only reason you hate them is because I love them" "actually I'm saying that the only reason why I hate them is because, you and every other fan girl is obsessed with them which makes them annoying."


Even though I couldn't see her face through the phone I could tell that her mouth dropped open. Mainly because I heard her teeth click together when she closed her mouth, yes I'm really that observant. "You know what I've listened to your point of view and I understand it now, I will stop being a fan." "Ok now you just have to take down all your posters, either sell or chuck out everything that has information about them or has their faces on it. Then invite me over to prove that you've done all this" "ok then, fine" "ok when should I come over?" "At 6:30" "Ok" she hung up, I smiled and collapsed on my bed.


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