Famously Kidnapped

A young girl named Maria Brown gets kidnapped, at first she thinks that it's some little thing and that she will be saved soon. But, she soon discovers that she is part of something big. A group of people are kidnapping talented kids and selling them to celebrities. At first she doesn't really care, she thinks that she won't get bought but there's just one problem. She's the best singer out of everyone that's been kidnapped, and when the celebrities start fighting over you things can only get worse. Includes people such as One Direction, Justin Bieber, The Wanted, Taylor Swift, Little Mix and possibly many more.


11. The sale plan

"So let me get this straight, your going to make sure that you get bought and when no one's looking your going to sneak back here and set everybody free." "That's the plan" "no offense or anything but, that's the worst idea I've ever heard, and I've heard a lot." "What's wrong with it?" "You forgetting the fact that everyone that leaves here never comes back." "What makes you think that I won't?" "Well because everyone says it and then as soon as they get out they never come back." "Don't worry I'll come back" "I'm sorry Maria but, I'm having trouble believing you." "Well you don't have to worry" "I can't help but worry I mean the chances of this plan working are very slim. Even if you do manage to get away, your not going to be able to sneak in here, release everyone and sneak back out again without anyone finding out. Especially if your alone."


"Well I'm not going to be alone now am I" he looked at me with a strange look on his face "your coming with me." "What?" "I'm not leaving without you" "don't you think that people will find that just a little bit suspicious." "Maybe, but I just can't leave you in here you might not get sold." "But you'll be back in time won't you?" "Not unless I have someone else with me, and your the only one that I can trust right now. Please Stephen this will mean a lot to me." I pleaded "I don't know Maria" "come on Stephen" "I'm sorry, I just can't do it" "you don't know unless you try." He looked at me and I knew that I had won, "all right I'm in" "thank you! Thank you Stephen!" I said hugging him tightly "not so loud, people will hear." We gazed into each others eyes and smiled, I can't wait to put this plan into action this is going to be a challenge for the both of us. But I can tell that despite everything me and Stephen are going to have the time of our lives.


I was brought out of my thoughts by the sound of Stephen gasping, we separated and he looked at me like he just remember something that he had forgotten. "The celebrities could be here any minute now, we have to get ready." He quickly pulled his arms back into his cage and started pacing around his cage. "What are you doing?" "Getting in the zone" "why?" "You want to get bought right?" I nodded "then you better start practising" it wasn't long before everything clicked into place, and I was pacing around my cage too. I was trying to think of what song I could sing, something that demonstrates how high my voice can go. So something like Tears of an Angel by Amy Guess. It is pretty high and demonstrates how well I can sing. I'm actually kind of excited for this, I get to go out and see the world. Sure I may not be entirely free but that won't last long. I just hope that everything goes well, for everyone's sake.


Author's Note

Hi guys we are so sorry that we haven't posted in so long things have been pretty busy at school for the both of us. I'm going to try and update all of books today, as well as post and start a few others. I know that some of you would be very excited to know that I am going to start writing a sequel for A Difficult Love Story. Some of you have been asking to write it and I've finally decided to write it, the first few chapters should be up in the next couple of days. But that's enough about me, I'm sure you guys are dying to hear from Rosetta, so here she is!


Hey guys, I'm so excited I finally get to talk to you guys, well at least you know it's me. :D Ok some news about me, well for starters I'm having the best time writing this movella for you guys. Me and Kristal are so happy that you guys are reading, and we appreciate everything that you guys do for us. Both of us come online every day and we are always delighted to see that, we've gained some reads, or likes and comments. We love here from you guys, if you have any questions about the book, or us in general. We'll be happy to answer all your questions, we can take criticism so feel free to tell us what you think.


 Now I have some news for you guys, I'm going to be posting some more movellas so now you'll have something to read will we're updating this story. I have two at the moment and I would probably describe them both as kind of horror stories. One is called Haunted, and the other is called Betrayed. I won't tell you any more about them at the moment. But if you want to be updated on how there going just let me know, and I'll start giving you regular updates. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to share my ideas with you. Thank you!! :D

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