Famously Kidnapped

A young girl named Maria Brown gets kidnapped, at first she thinks that it's some little thing and that she will be saved soon. But, she soon discovers that she is part of something big. A group of people are kidnapping talented kids and selling them to celebrities. At first she doesn't really care, she thinks that she won't get bought but there's just one problem. She's the best singer out of everyone that's been kidnapped, and when the celebrities start fighting over you things can only get worse. Includes people such as One Direction, Justin Bieber, The Wanted, Taylor Swift, Little Mix and possibly many more.


8. It's horrible

I couldn't take me eyes off it, I wondered what it was for but eventually the fear took over and I didn't bother. I knew that I was about to find out, "sit down" he said gesturing to the table. There was nothing else that I could do I sat down, he grabbed the gas mask and handed it to me "put it on" I did as he asked. I watched as he connected the mask to a massive machine sitting beside the table. He finished hooking it up, turned and looked my right in the eye he must've seen the look on my face cause he smiled and said "don't worry the machine won't hurt you, it'll just make you go to sleep." For some strange reason that made me feel better, I still didn't understand but I didn't want him to know that, at least not yet. I watched him turn the machine on, I could feel myself already starting to get sleepy.


I struggle to keep my eyes open through my sleepiness I just managed to hear him say "it's starting to work, prepare the knife" wait what? What knife? "Your going to sleep and your going to wake up, with some really interesting markings" markings? What would I need markings for? Wait is he going to mark me kinda of like the barcode on stuff that you get from the store. Is that what he's doing? Is he going to sell me? What for? No Maria don't think about that right now, just go to sleep, no point trying to fight it, your going to sleep and your going to have nightmares for sure. The last thing I felt before passing out, is the knife digging into my flesh, it felt like it was my right leg. He was carving something into my leg, like it was a piece of wood, ready to be shaped into a bear, or a chair, or what ever woodcarver's make.


This time when I woke up I had a pain in my leg, and the room was brightly lit and the chain was on my other leg. So that I wouldn't have any other pain from the scar, even though it still hurt without it. I sit up and look at my leg, I can't tell what they are by the blood, but I can see that there's 3 marks. I'll be able to see them better later on when all the blood peels off. I looked around my cage, I've moved to a different spot, one of the metal bars in this cage has had a chip taken out of it. I told you I was observant, only I could notice that at first glance. It's a not that big, but it's defiantly not really small, I'd say that a good quarter of that bar has been knocked out. I wonder what was big enough to knock out a part so big, I wonder how many kids were slammed up against that wall so that something like that would happen. It isn't long before the sleepiness comes back, and it isn't very long after that, that I'm passed out on the floor fast asleep.


I woke up with a start, just as I had predicted I had nightmares. I'm not going to go to deep into it, I'm just going to say that it involved me dying over and over again. I look down at the ground and notice that there's a patch on the ground kinda of like the shape of a window. I look up at the wall and notice that there's a window right in the centre of cage, talk about lucky. I feel a sudden pain in my right leg, kind of like someone had just stabbed me in the leg. I look down at my leg and see the marks on my leg I was right, there are three, all of them completely different from the others. One was in the shape of a tree, another one was in the shape of a musical note the same one that was on the necklace that Taylor gave me. I reach up and feel for the necklace it's still there, I pull it out and look at it, it's beautiful. The sunlight is hitting it making it light up all different colours, and it also makes rainbows appear on the wall below the window. I smile and look down at the final marking, it's in the shape of angel wings. I wonder what all these symbols mean.


Then I heard something, it kind of sounded like a chain moving across the floor. But I didn't move my leg, so who's chain could it be? I turn around and jump, there's a boy round about my age sitting there smiling at me. He had blonde hair and brown eyes he reminded me of someone, then it hit me. I had a flashback, a flashback to the day that I helped Taylor shove all the posters of stuff in the bin. I remember seeing a picture of a guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. You know how police are able to do that thing on their computers, where they combine two images to see how similar they are. Well I guess you could say that I did that, I combined the picture of what's his face... ahhh..... Niall! That's who! Anyway I combined the picture of Niall and this guy's face and noticed that apart from the eye colour and the hairstyle, they were the same guy. "Hi" he said smiling at me I smiled back I knew that Niall was Irish, so I was able to tell that this guy wasn't Niall pretty quickly. This boy had a Australian accent like mine, "hi I'm Maria" I said sticking my hand through the bars "I'm Stephen pleased to meet you" he said as he shook my hand.


"So I see you got your marks" "yeah" "I suppose you wondering what they mean" "wait they actually have meanings?" "Of course, here I'll show you mine" I don't know how he did it but, he managed to turn around so that I could see his leg. There was a scar shaped like a guitar and a book, "this one" he said pointing at the guitar "means that I can play guitar and this one" indicating to the book "means that I'm a bookworm" "and these" I said bringing my leg around so that he could see my scars. "Well that one" he says indicating to the musical note "means that you heavily involved in music, like your in choir, your doing music lessons and lots of stuff like that," that one" indicating to the tree "means that you love nature and the angel wings mean something along the lines of you are an angel. You act like an angel, you look like an angel and you sing like an angel" I blushed but then I started asking myself 'how would they now that?' It's weird that they know so much about me, like a lot of people know that I love nature, but not very many know about my singing voice. I've chosen to keep that a secret, I've never told anyone other than my really close friends about it, and the only way they could of found out that I'm heavily involved in music is if they talked to my teachers.


"How did they find out so much about me?" "They do a lot of research before kidnapping someone, like there school records and things like that." "So they do all this, all this research just so they can brand someone." "Well it's not just that, they look at all these things to make sure that you will sell" "sell?" "Yeah they sell us off to celebrities" "what? They sell us off to....." "Why celebrities?" "It's so that the celebrities can get more money" I gave him a confused look "The celebrities buy us and then turn us into stars and because that particular celebrity is the one that discovered us, they get more money. Because people see us and go 'oh that kid has amazing talent I wonder who discovered them' and then they find out which celebrity owns us, listens to them or goes to see them and the celebrities get more money." "Wow" "yeah the prices all depend on how talented you are" "so someone like me...." "Someone like you would probably sell for a lot" "really?" "Yeah it wouldn't surprise me if you became the crown jewel here" "what?" "Yeah it wouldn't surprise me if a whole bunch of celebrities came in and started fighting over you."


"Wow, I never would have expected that from someone like me, I never thought that something like this would happen to me." "I know, I thought that too. When I first got here" "when did you arrive here?" "I got here about 3 months ago" "wow, that's a while and no one's bought you yet?" "No one's come in here for a while now, you see this is like an ordinary shop. We have sales and they've been stocking up for the next one" "how long do they spend stocking up?" "about 3 or 4 months" "wow so you've been here since they started?" "Yeah I have" "what happens to kids that aren't sold?" "Well from what I've heard they wait around here for a little bit and if there still not sold, well they get put to sleep." Stephen pointed to a door, it was a plain white door with 'unsellable' written on it. I could only imagine about what went on in there. "That's horrible!" "I know but there's nothing we can really do about it, at the moment." I knew that that was true but I just couldn't help but feel so disgusted and afraid, I've never felt so disgusted and scared in my whole life. This is horrible, killing children all because they can't give them the money that they want. It's just horrible.


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