Famously Kidnapped

A young girl named Maria Brown gets kidnapped, at first she thinks that it's some little thing and that she will be saved soon. But, she soon discovers that she is part of something big. A group of people are kidnapping talented kids and selling them to celebrities. At first she doesn't really care, she thinks that she won't get bought but there's just one problem. She's the best singer out of everyone that's been kidnapped, and when the celebrities start fighting over you things can only get worse. Includes people such as One Direction, Justin Bieber, The Wanted, Taylor Swift, Little Mix and possibly many more.


7. I'll be saved

Maria's P.O.V

I woke up in a dark and smelly room, I felt a massive pain in my head. I didn't bother to raise my hand and feel my hair I knew there was a large lump and some dried blood. I stretched and I noticed two things, first the pain in my back and secondly the sound a little bit like chains filling the air. I reached down and felt the cold metal of the chain, I ran my hand up the chain and found that it was attached to my right ankle, while the other end was fastened to the wall. I slumped against the wall "great", I heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Judging by how much noise they made, meant that they were probably boots, most likely being wore by the guy that kidnapped me. Wow it's times like these that I actually realise how smart I really am, either that of how observant I am (I'm very observant it's kinda of weird sometimes).


All of a sudden the lights switched on, blinding me and I could hear voices crying out in pain. Wait a lots of voices, I managed to stand up and look around, and saw a large hallway. There were a long line of cages on either side, each containing a child. There was a large variety of ages, some were as young as 7, and there were others that were as old as 16 possibly 17. I looked around and finally noticed how small my cage actually was, it was tiny, it was probably about 2 and a half metres long. The ceiling was probably 3 or 4 metres high, the floor was filthy, it was covered with a thick layer of dirt, mud and something that looked a little bit like blood. I cringed at the thought of it.


The footsteps were getting closer, that was when I realised that they were coming towards me (cause I'm just that observant, that I know by how fast someone is walking, about where there going to stop). I watched as two heavy black boots walked around the corner, I looked up and saw a man with short black hair and blue-green eyes. He looked to be round about his early 30s he had a big scraggly grey beard that was about half way down his neck in length. "So you must be Maria Brown" "yes I am" "My name isn't important you can just call me sir, got it?" "Yes sir" he smiled "good" he held out his hand and he was handed a key. "Now if you don't mind coming with us" "I don't see any reason why I wouldn't mind, unless something bad was going to happen to me, in which case I would mind. But for now I'll come, but as soon as I'm in any danger I'm out of there." It felt weird saying this to my kidnapper, but I just needed something to say. I have to have at least some strategy, I mean how am I supposed to escape when I know nothing about the place? Huh yeah, bet you didn't think of that one.


"Your a smart girl, I prefer smart people compared to the others. I'd rather have a smart singer than a pretty but stupid one, not that your not pretty it's just...." "I get it" "oh....ok.......anyway just come out here" he said grabbing my arm and gently pulling me out of the cage. I watched as he locked it behind me, then he gently took my arm and lead me down the hallway. As we walked down I got a chance to look at all the kid's faces, they all look so sad and their eyes, their eyes say so many things. How scared they are, how much pain they're in and one thing that I notice more than anything is that look in their eye that basically says 'there goes another one, there she goes, never to return.' I think that's what really got me scared, one minute I was all calm and I was perfectly fine and all of sudden I'm scared to death. Death....? Is that what's going to happen? Am I going to die? My fear and panic just went through the roof, if you had a panic-o-meteor scan me, it probably would've blown up. I was that scared.


Then all the panicked thoughts combined into the one, there was now a little voice in my head telling me that someone will save me. 'Don't worry someone will save you, you've got nothing to worry the police are on their way they'll find you and you'll be safe. You'll be able to hug Taylor and tell her that your sorry for leaving and that your sorry that you made her worry. Then you'll turn to your family and tell them the same thing, then you'll tell them about how scared you were. Then everything will go back to normal and you can have your normal life back, trust me, it will all be over, it will all end.' I relaxed a little bit, hearing those words, even if they were coming from my own head using my own voice. I still calmed down, well at least calm enough so that I could think. I can already tell that this experience is going to drive me crazy. I was lead into a large room, there was a operating table sitting in the centre of the room. There was a table behind it but that's not what scared me, no what scared me was what was on the table, it was a gas mask.

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